Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC)


The ESWC has started in Paris and gamers from all round the world have gathered for this fab event. Just imagine, more than 750 of the world best gamers fighting each other – I would have been thrilled to see that (no way I could compete though!!!).

So the games include: Counter-Strike, Quake 4, Warcraft 3 (one of my favourite games), Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Counter-Stike Women (yep girls also play Counter-Strike).

For more information, check this link: http://www.eswc.com/live/


2 responses to “Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC)

  1. That’s fantastic for gamers! Really cool event!

    In 2002, I remember, there was some kinda LAN competition which spanned during three days – from Friday to Sunday – since students had to go the school!

    I’ve not had the opportunity to participate since it was in the months of revision, prior to my HSC exams.

    Games that were being played were: Counter-Strike and Quake 3.

    So when’s the NEXT big event like this for Mauritius?

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