Mauritian time??? What the hell???

Being on time is something we Mauritians are especially poor at. The worst thing is that it’s practically considered normal to be “late” for any appointments. This lateness can range anything from 10 mins to 1 hour and the “excuse” (coz it’s so normal that excuses are not even required) is that it’s Indian time or Mauritian time.

But hold on, since when do we have a Mauritian Standard Time? I’m only aware of Greenwich Mean Time! Anything else simply doesn’t exist and not arriving on time, not starting a meeting on time is lateness and it is utter disrespect for those who are on time (coz here those who are on time are sometimes considered as the weird ones).

So be on time for God’s sake.

2 responses to “Mauritian time??? What the hell???

  1. oh!, its very very difficult for me to be on time… even if i take all the precaution.. i always end up late… that is why i always tell ppl to lie to me about the time i need to reach somewhere (earlier).. this way am sure to come on time :p

    even for a date i may be late!

    my excuse: buses is difficult to get where i live… which is true. 1 minute of lateness on my part, can mean i am late by 45 minutes (for next bus)

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