Writing or Composing programs


Programming is rightly considered by some (the enlightened) to be art. Most people program (provided they have enough rigour and common sense) but writing beautiful code is an art! Just look around you, how many artists are there?

So excellent programmers do not simply write code but compose code and in some way it is akin to music. (Indeed Pythogoras was among the first to notice the connection between maths and music – that guy was fond of numbers and he basically introduced the concepts of cotave, fifth, fourth,… that we still have in music.)

So if coding is an art, people should learn to appreciate beautiful code as people admire famous painting. A simple test to know if you are a master programmer would be: Can see the beauty of an artistic piece of code?


2 responses to “Writing or Composing programs

  1. hi..
    just wanted to ask your help.. i know you can help me.. well i have a site (http://ricky.informe.com)on a free domain which is informe.com. well i have started a forum there but have got a problem actually. well i am using phpbb as it is free.. and i forgot to tell you i dont know anything in programming… (zero) 1 well the problem is actually i fink the programming language is php or something like that.. well for my site to be indexed in google..i need to have it verified by google..for the verification i need to upload a file with an .html extension e.g. like http://ricky.informe.com/google46a57c95dc3b7832.html

    that is in order for google to verify my site i need the”google46a57c95dc3b7832.html” part..well i dont know how to upload dat .html part..if you can help me…i would really appreciate that..
    and again thanxx for taking time to read ..

  2. 1. its a free phpbb host, i don’t think they meant giving you file hosting capabilities.

    2. If (a BIG if), you cud manage to find a bug to slip in a system(); command in the phpbb version you are running, you may do a touch thefilenameyouwant :p but am sure they are not that dumb to have such a hole openned.

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