Manga (& Anime) categories

I think it’s high time I write a post on the different categories of anime and manga. There is so much confusion on this issue (loads of people confuse anime for hentai or anime and manga for example). So let’s start (with the basics) and get things straight.

Anime v/s Manga

Anime and Manga are related but they are certainly not the same thing (not synonyms!!!). Very briefly, manga (as defined by Wikipedia) is the Japanese word for comics and print cartoons; I want to stress on the word print here. On the other hand, anime is short for animation and basically it’s the short animated films, usually based on a manga.

Types of Anime/Manga :

So now for the types anime/manga. Like any form of art (yes I consider these as forms of art), there are several genres each suited to different age groups. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Kodomo
    • This is a type of manga targetted to young children – Kodomo means child in Japanese. They do not contain a lot of text to read and this is targetted to children who have just started to read.
    • Examples: Hamtaro, Doraemon

Hamtoro          Doraemon

  • Shonen
    • This is basically the most common type of anime/manga. It’s normally targetted at male teenagers. (The literal translation of shonen is ‘boy’). There’s lots of actions in these manga and there are lots of sports stories as well. I think that this is by far the most popular type of manga.
    • Examples: Dragon Ball Z, Ranma 1/2, Yu-Gi-Oh, Fist of the North Star, Full Metal Panic,…

songoku-multiple-pelo.jpg 1630.jpg

  • Shojo
    • This is the female equivalent of Shonen. Shojo means girl in japanese and this genre is targetted at young or teenage girls. Stories deal with romance with the main female character set in romantic scenery; flowers, bubbles,… but the story can incorporate any kind of subject
    • Examples: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

  • Seinen
    • This is a type of manga geared towards young male adults – on emerging from teenage years. It’s focus is typically no longer high school but more it’s more geared towards adult life.
    • Examples: Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Chobits, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind,…

faye_valentine.jpg         chii001.jpg

  • Josei/Redikomi
    • This is the equivalent of Seinen and is meant for adult women – Josei means female in Japanese – and is the mature version of shojo. It’s created mainly by women for women and it deals with the lives of Japanese women.
    • Examples: Gokusen, Paradise Kiss, Tramps like us, …

Gokusen          Tramps like us

  • Hentai
    • In Japan (the word) “hentai” has a strong negative connotation, and is commonly used to mean “sexually perverted” – Wikipedia. It essentially deals with sex (or pornography)
    • Examples: … none available on the wikipedia site … but a list available under the name H anime!!!

[Sources: mainly Wikipedia, I just compiled some of the stuff there into one doc and added my comments]

12 responses to “Manga (& Anime) categories

  1. Hello Pascal,
    Do u know how/where we can get those anime/manga?..apart from internet(downloading)?..
    Btw my favourite is the shonen one..despite being a girl..;)

  2. Hello Nush

    You can buy anime from some shops in Rose-hill. Drop me a mail n I’ll tell u where?

    So what’s your favourite anime or manga to date?

  3. Well i liked Dragon Ball Z, Chevaliers du zodiac, Goldorak, Voltron and recently, there was GTO, full metal alchemist, hellsing, and there’s bleach.. How about you?

    I miss those childhood days..watching tv after school..:) now they don’t really give nice ones on the local channel..well some are yu-gi-oh but….

    Hey I can’t find your email add..

  4. Hmmm, you clarified some things for me, Pascal.
    Plus you gave me some titles to look for. Can’t you give me also more time to watch them? 😉

  5. @ Nush

    that’s my mail:

    “Chevaliers du zodiac, Goldorak, Voltron” that’s a long time ago!!!

    My favourite recently have been: Fullmetal Panic – the most hilarious there is according to me, Hellsing – dark and bloody, Ruroni Kenshin – lovely and Death note was “intellectually” nice too.

    On bleach and naruto I won’t comment since they are ongoing

  6. One question for Anime freaks… Where do you download your fansubs mainly from?

    I mostly download torrents at the time being…

    Anime-eden is so slow… and anikei has been down lately 😕

  7. I’m more into the hentai movies, doujinshi comics and bishoujo games if you get the picture ; (… Well as for more “conventional” animes, its mostly mecha-animes like gundam, macross, goldorak, transformers, beast wars etc…
    Currently hunting for ai shimai 2 and BB only and origins. Smell ya later.

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