Jeux des Iles de L’Ocean Indien 2007 – Bilan Mauritius

JIOI 2007

Roughly two week after les Jeux des Iles de L’Ocean Indien 2007 is over, we (in Mauritius) are still pondering over the reasons of our so-called defeat, catastrophic performance or even “humiliation” as some people are putting it! We did “much” worse compared to 2003 when the games were hosted in Mauritius. So everyone is asking why?

Reasons put forward

I was listening to a “bilan” programme on the radio yesterday (and basically it’s the same in the press) and all sorts of reasons were put forward: the altitude, lack of proper “encadrement” – one of the favourite reasons, incompetence of our Sports minister, . . . – I won’t comment on these for the following reasons: I am not an athelete, wasn’t in Madagascar, was not following the preparation offered to our athletes and enough has been said about these (rightfully or not).

We did not perform, so there must be a reason and the easy-way out is to find one or many scapegoats but it would seem (to me) that we have forgotten somthing …

“Arret galoupe, alle apran, ki lavenir to pou gagne ladan … “

Do these words sound familiar? We’d lie if we said otherwise coz basically this is what we say to our kids. In Mauritius, we do not want our kids to run, play football or … . We want them to learn, go to college, uni, … work as lawyers, doctors, … . While all this is not bad (it’s even very good), how are we going to produce athletes when all sports activity is vehemently discouraged? So who is it to blame for our poor performance, the “usually-put-forward-reasons” yes but the Mauritian Society is also responsible and so instead of just blaming the authorities or … we are, I think, the guiltiest.

“Que celui qui n’a jamais peché lui jette la premiere pierre.”


7 responses to “Jeux des Iles de L’Ocean Indien 2007 – Bilan Mauritius

  1. I do not follow sports much. But i guess the problem here is mauritius is that most of our “professional” athletes are not well paid…thus they will have to spend time working in various fields and have to manage some spare time training. We don’t have athletes whose sole job is to train himself full time.

  2. I totally agree with you.

    “Que celui qui n’a jamais peché lui jette la premiere pierre.”


    In fact we are not supposed to blame anyone. We have not participated in it. They have tried their best.

  3. i also believe its a question of money :p

    We don’t give much incentives (compared to someone who is good academically) to someone who excels at sports.

    But ohh well, the country is already bankrupt and indebted, so i guess, there’s no way out any more.

  4. sports not enough promoted here….. while in U.S e.g… you get scholarships to universities if you excel in basketball, US football, etc.. but here, that kind of thing is not practical i guess.

  5. Kinda disagree with the above. I don t really believe it’s all abt money. I mean certain african countries r much poorer and corrupted than us and yet they get better results. Think we have resources but we need to spend it on grass root projects.
    I’ll go as far as saying that maybe for the next 5 years rather than send a big delegation why not send the athletes that are most likely get medals? seriously the basketball team should never have been sent, nor the football team so maybe we could just have people that are worth medals go there and get something.
    Of course the counter argument is that the athletes need the experience but then again maybe there are other ways to get experiences send on training camps etc (of course not send all delegation pick and choose a couple per year).

  6. Let me put it this way:

    Education primaire – gratuite
    Education secondaire – gratuite
    Education tertiaire – quasiment gratuite
    Transport ecoliers – gratuit

    Sports – encore gratuit meme?
    If academic education is given that ‘fouspasmaliste’ attitute, how do you want us to excel at sports. Btw, if you look at athletes from other countries, many of them are not from ‘defavorise’ classes: many of them are engineers and learned people. In our country, it’s as if only athletes from ‘defavorise’ classes should represent us at the national level. THis sucks and always will.

    Do you think medals come for free? I think it’s too much instilled in us not to make any sacrifices.

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