Great match: Hearts v/s Rangers 4-2

hearts.jpg v/s  rangers.jpg

Today MBC showed a splended match on TV: Hearts was playing against Rangers and the final score was 4-2.  It was a breathtaking match full of pace and …

Oh God, when did we get so so desperate! Honestly who knows about Hearts and Rangers in Mauritius and since when did we care about scottish football? If there’s no decent match to show, well don’t show anything! Am I paying Rs 100 per month for MBC to buy this!!!


8 responses to “Great match: Hearts v/s Rangers 4-2

  1. Honestly who knows about Hearts and Rangers in Mauritius and since when did we care about scottish football?

    I am a little confused here. You said it was a great match, and in the same post ask ‘Who Cares about Scottish Football?” and complain about have to pay for such a ‘splendid match’.

    There are plenty of people who care about football in Scotland, and the rst of the world ignore us at heir peril, ask the French.

    Seriously, I hope you did enjoy the match. Scottish football does not have the money that the English Premier League has, but were are passionate and do enjoy our football.

  2. Well I have nothing against Scottish football but here in Mauritius, no one knows about Scottish football! I would be very surprised if we have at most 10 people in Mauritius know the name of the guys playing for Rangers and Celtic (I’m just talking of the two most famous team according to me) so why the hell is the Mauritian TV station showing that match on TV???

    Can’t comment on the match, saw only the 5 last minutes!

    I have no doubt that the Scottish are passionate about their football and it was so good when u beat the French in France!!! They were so sure that they would beat the hell out of you guys!

  3. Well something I won’t ever understand from MBC… They always have the money to buy latest Indian movies, showing at times 2 or 3 new films per week… while they don’t have to buy two EPL soccer matches per week… WTH??!!!!!!! 😡

    Where are my childhood days where MBC would show every live EPL matches??? Maybe that’s why since MBC moved to its politic of a single match per week in the 2000s that I moved to Satellite TV…

    And at the moment, if one don’t wanna miss one’s team playing on a match day, he shall have both Satellite Bouquets available in mru… That’s the desperate solution we found at home… we have both CanalSat and Parabole… lolz… so that we don’t miss our respective teams’ matches….

    And if ever, with all the bad luck of the world, your team’s match is not being broadcasted even then… You might try watching on the net ( if you got at least MT’s crappy 512 kbits/s connection… And btw, you can already give up this solution on weekends from 15h to 21h… At this time, the local connection sucks… you must be really very lucky to be able to watch at that time… but weekday matches, or champions league games, it rocks… I’ve not missed any of Man U’s champs league games last season thanks to this.

    BTW, it’s been some time now that I don’t even care zapping to the MBC channels… They don’t really have any interesting stuffs… Yeah, the indian series or movies or shows freaks would argue here… But WTH???! Mauritius is not a country with people of only Indian origin…

    Before you get upbeat and say that I’m being racist or whatever (because the mentality of Mauritians is so cheap at times…), it’s a Hindu talking here… Yeah, I’m Hindu… But let’s be frank, MBC favors programmes that are for the Indian community of Mauritius… Many times in the past I’ve zapped through the 3 local channels, I’ve found something Indian showing on all 3 of them… WTH??! Is that fair?! I hate unfairness…

    Maybe we should stop paying the Rs 100 stuff to them… Is it still Rs 100? not Rs125? I’ve heard they are planning an increase despite their crappy service…

  4. Well i do agree with Zetwal though. No offence to Scottish footie (and by the way congrats to bloodying the french nose on their home turf) but there’s not much fan base for scottish footie and well we Mauritian are paying a TV fee expecting premiership football so Scottish football was kinda disappointment.
    On the other hand being a fan of serie A think am gonna have to get cable TV to satisfy my craving…….

  5. To Yash

    What’s the link between Hindu, Scottish Football and the MBC? Perhaps you should receive a medal for linking the three 🙂

  6. do u now that EPL matches are very very expensive nowadays!! (the most expensive actually if i am not wrong)… Scottish football’s not that bad!!! I know Celtic and Rangers players only…yep can mention 10 players for both team… they are in the Champions league afterall…so they are not that unpopular

  7. Scotland 1 France 0
    France 0 Scotland 1

    Lyon 0 Glasgow Rangers 3

    Scotland is a small country with only 5 million people, and we would like to honour the one Scottish Football supporter in Mauritius.

    I hope he/she appreciated last night’s champion’s league result against the French champions.

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