High speed Internet + some water too please!!!


In Mauritius, the government is always promising us higher bandwidth and they have a big dream: one PC in all homes. Yet, funnily enough I’m still paddling (not surfing) on the web and splashing water all around but how would I like some of this water to be flowing from the taps!

Indeed, today at around 8:30 a.m. there was only a thin trickle of water flowing from the taps in my house. If that goes on, I’ll soon be singing: dilo pou arreter 9 heures …

4 responses to “High speed Internet + some water too please!!!

  1. i think it is bound to get worse.. Get a small water tank quickly coz i predict their prices to go up in the coming months 🙂

    problems with MYT?

  2. actually it is because there are downtimes at telecom, hence CWA isnt able to communicate with each other, and therefore they don’t know whether they got orders to open up more water to not… since not openning more water would be more economical.. they opted for that until the network gets ok 😀

  3. There has been recent problems with MyT and Wanadoo ADSL users getting slow speed following the network breakdown of last wednesday or so…

    L’Express has an article about FTTH being introduced in Mauritius. Will this be our only hope?

    Interesting blog btw.. 😀

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