USB Drive Not working after format – well fomat in DOS!!!


I lent my Usb Pen drive to a friend who needed to create a bootable usb disk. On getting it back, I formatted it on Windows but… it would then only work in Windows!!! Not on my beloved Kubuntu!

I tried several utilities, software,… and it only ended up in manking my pen drive useless (impossible to read from and write to) on both Windows and Linux 😦

So the solution (just a wild guess) which finally worked was to format the pendrive as a FAT32 drive in DOS!!! Now it works on Windoiws and Linux. How, Why, … I don’t know but it works. Thank God!

So the command was simple:

format E: /FS:FAT32 (where E: is my pen drive name and FAT32 is the fle system I want on the disk)

For more help on the command, type format help at the dos prompt.


8 responses to “USB Drive Not working after format – well fomat in DOS!!!

  1. Had a weird problem with one of my pendrives too… It was a 128 MB but whatever OS I mounted it on, it showed 132 RAW GB!!! YEAH GB!!! 😆 Bane zistoir bomarC sorti la chine la koume sa em sa… pas facil sa… 😡

    Couldn’t use it since not a single utility could format it well…

    In the end had to create two partitions on the pendrive… a 122 MB for use and a reserved unallocated 10 MB… and it worked! 😆

  2. Thank you so much dear zetwal.

    I could use only 900mb out of my 4gb Transcend pendrive and then it used to show ‘write protected and use another device’

    At last I used DOS to format the pendrive…which worked!

    Thank you once again…


  3. while formatting my kingston 4GB pen drive it warning me that “you do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation”

    please send me suggestion to my mail…
    whenever i insert drive into port windows is asking to format the drive..
    but it is giving above warning

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