“Facebook is the new black”

Everybody seems to be talking about Facebook these days and Mauritius is not the exception.

Navigating through the network (of friends) I even managed to see the profile of Navin Ramgoolam – proof below (seems that someone is taking the mickey out of our Prime Minister, Paul Beranger & Anerood Jugnauth – unless I’m completely mistaken and it’s really them but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions…)



What is attracting a lot of people to Facebook compared to other social networking systems like Linked In, Hi5,… are the number of applications that exist and especially the possibility of creating applications (I’ve started to create some apps, I’ll blog about my woes and joys soon – btw, FBML is great!).

Many applications exist just for fun and can sometimes even be spam-like but with the number of people on Facebook everyday (it reportedly hit 30 million active users last July) and the phenomenal growth that it experiences, it is attracting the attention of businesses as well: the population of Facebook is like a pond full of fish – just cast your net…

If any proof is required for that; recently TripAdvisor bought the Facebook application “Where I’ve been” for reportedly $ 3 million.

10 responses to ““Facebook is the new black”

  1. Nice to C our prime minister there. Perhaps this info should be disclosed to the press so that they know what are his aims behind joining facebook.. and what if he is looking for gfs?? remember macarena??? lol…

  2. So what about Macarena?

    That’s his life and has the right to do what he wants. That’s his private life after all. I also love watching Macarena girls dancing too 😀

  3. Hey mari seryer si met sa dans zournal, payer la caisse sa…

    Dans ramgoolam so profile, bizin met Macarena as Fav music 😉 wahahah

    Well it’s true this macarena thing…

    Bal la ca call me ria Macarena, it’s a will foupamal dala ria casawena ….

  4. i once made a mistake to register in a social network called hi5, never will i make this mistake again.

    These online social things are crazy.
    I heard people are making babies online without having sex through facebook, plus they can have as many babies as they want and they don’t need to restrict themselves to only one father, they can even create babies alone! urrrgh.. that’s crazily retard.

  5. This thing is making the news people! Access to Facebook was even denied from Mauritius. Just learnt that from Radio+ today.

    Usurpation of identity is a crime!

  6. Once again, our authorities demonstrate their high level of ‘competency’ in dealing with things beyond their control. So, the PM has become the subject of a prank, joke, usurpation of identity, call it what you will.
    However, this is hardly a terrorist act. I do not think that Facebook has evolved so much that our fake PM will be able to issue scandalous political statements to other countries or do outrageous things like issue a declaration of war with another country.
    Here, however, this ‘usurpation’ is treated as if there was an actual bomb scare, with people to be evacuated and the building cordoned off. Are the ordinary Mauritian members of Facebook under threat? Do we risk contamination? Indeed, this ‘firewall’ is a symptom of the high level of paranoia surrounding our political leaders. I am sure that – like most networking sites – Facebook must have arrangements in place to deal with imposters. But all this overdramatic rigmarole just makes me laugh. At the same time though, it makes me realise that, more than ever, we need to keep an eye upon our precious freedom and whoever we choose to elect to ‘safeguard’ this freedom.

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