New Bank Notes for Mauritius


Sometime back, it was announced that we would change bank notes. That’s common practice but the new thing this time is that we are going to have a contest to choose the best design for the bank notes. A panel of artists will choose the best design and the public will also have its say. Personally I think this is great but what I fear is what comes next.

Indeed all our bank notes are graced with the face of a “historical” person … ehhhhh … all politicians!!! While I have nothing against politicians, our history is not only about politicians! These guys at some point I guess “fought”(this is what everyone says) for us but what about artists, sportsmen, scientists, …? I agree we have few of them but some are very famous.

For example, how many know that Charles-Edouard Brown Sequard is a world famous scientist – it’s not just the name of a mental hospital in Beau-Bassin!

Anyway I guess that all I said will basically be in vain! It’s going to be all about politicians yet again and one from each ethnic group while we are at it 😦

6 responses to “New Bank Notes for Mauritius

  1. Yeah… Such is the mentality… Every generation hopes the next is going to get over the ethnicity problem, then it all stays the same… In fact, that won’t ever change because of extremists, and extremists cause others to become extremists… well, a never ending vicious circle…

    So it’s more than certain that we will have at least one people from each ethnic group to keep everyone happy… pffft… and as for Politicians, since it’s them giving the approval for the new designs… 😆 it’s sure they gonna choose politicians on the notes and ones that they like, not those like “sane la ti fer mo papa perdi election sa…” Bez sa…

    BTW, you gonna have a go at the bank notes design? 😛

  2. I don’t know what promoted this idea but I must say mauritius is still “Backward Compliant”.. In other countries like uk, the notes are still same….

  3. In Mauritius, politicians like to monopolise evetrything and take credit for everything, even if something’s not their doings. They want every chance to make them seen by the public.

    So perhaps to “garde zote trace”, they put photos of their whole family and political party onto bank notes!

    BTW, I’ve noticed that Mauritius’ bank notes are the ugliest!! Yes, Euro has a prety design, so as US, and even Madagascar!

    I was astonished how a bank note in Madagascar is more beautiful than ours! And surely, there was no politician on the note: just some scenery: sugar canes!

  4. ‘In Mauritius, politicians like to monopolise evetrything and take credit for everything, even if something’s not their doings. They want every chance to make them seen by the public.’

    I agree to what you’ve put forwad but not in its entirety. Like Yasir said, they are everywhere: the Queen (she survives on British people’s tax payers money!), US politicians (Washington, Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, etc), etc… The list is endless. And between, THEY are the ones who decide your future not necessarily scientists and co. You are the ones who elect them, so ‘on assume les consequences…’

  5. I didn’t know about Brown Sequard! My knowledge was limited to the mental asylum my ears have been hammered with since kidhood [tan dire dans Beau Bassin sa].

    I should say I was disappointed to read, in the Wikipedia article [thx 4 z link], that he was a ‘British physiologist and neurologist’.


    He got french mother, studies at french university, had an american father so went several times back n forth between france & america during his career, and then spent the rest of his old age in france, n choose to die in france. Still he ‘desired to be looked upon as British subject’??

    I think this piece of ‘british subject’ is eroneous. I’d say he considered himself more french, then american – given he spent more time in America than in london (only 5 years) where he went only once, n never stepped back there again! Then in 3rd position, he would consider himself mauritian, given he was born on mauritian soil, spent childhood there, n practised there for 6 years (much more than in london). And finally, he never considered himself british.

    To recapitulate:
    1st position: french.
    2nd: american
    3rd: mauritian

    But, no one could deny he didn’t love mauritius.. he stayed abroad merely because of his passion in medical advancement, which he could fuel by his research at the big universities & hospitals in france, london, harvard. Which means, deep inside, he’s mauritian.

    1st position: french
    2nd: american

    There is no 3rd position. He’s mauritian all over, there’s no rank for that!

    [note: this is but an inflamed perception of mine, based on what i’ve read in wikipedia. I’m not trying to point it as a fact]

  6. Mauritius should be taken over by either the british or the french again. At least they know how to run a country, more so france than britain too.

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