Bleach: Memories of Nobody

I finally managed to see Memories of Nobody and oh God it was a long wait! Indeed the movie came out in December last year and it’s only 10 months later that I finally saw it. So was it worth the wait? Yep, well worth it: one and a half hour of action packed adventure. Here’s how it starts:


Ichigo and Rukia are about their usual business (chasing hollows here and there) when suddenly they notice some strange hollow activity. They rush there and notice strange white hollows drifting aimlessly. In the midst of this, a cute shinigami, Senna, appears and with her Zanpaktu quickly dispathces the ghosts. These ghosts are called blanks and they live between the living world and the soul society. They are memory-less beings in search of their … memories.

Then it turns into the tradional revenge story (similar to the bounto arc): a group of exiles want to use to blanks to get their revenge on Soul Society who outcast them a long time back and for that, they need the memory of the blanks (the memory bank) and the blanks themselves.



The story is a classic one – fights, emotion, funny moments – but we don’t often get to see so many captains fighting. So it’s lots of fun.


3 responses to “Bleach: Memories of Nobody

  1. Well, IMHO, it was too like the Bounto Filler arc…

    The Bountos could make us of spirit particles for regen etc… Here the banned shinigamis make use of the blanks…

    And if there were so many captains out there, why should it have been Ichigo yet again to be saving Senna…

    But I liked Byakuga’s line: “Be proud that will be destroyed by my Bankai…” 😆 He’s arrogance got no limits!!!

    Well the movie overall is not exceptional, but for die hard fans, it would be great… 😉

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