SMS HCI Issues


It’s becoming a pain now: sometimes I send text messages and and I’m waiting for an answer that … never comes. Are my recipients too busy to text me or they just don’t care to reply? Might be but the real problem, in my case, was that the text mesages I thought I was sending were never sent!

Well, occasionally I might have forgot to press ‘send’ – blame me but it happened yesterday that I had used up all my credits (I wasn’t aware of that) and did not get any feedback saying: No money dude, get some money if you want to send messages! While you get feedback when trying to call, there’s just a void for text messages it seems (or I failed to notice any which is still bad!!!).

Could it be specific to my network or is it a real HCI (Human Computer Interaction) issue with text messages that need to be addressed?

7 responses to “SMS HCI Issues

  1. Well if you are an emtel customer, just activ8 3g and make sure network is switched to 3g mode…Sms is sent in a jiffy. Well as a lecturer, you must have already tried it..

  2. Hmm, I think that SMS is too costly in mauritius. Here i wish to stress that the ratio that i will call x, is quite high relative to other countries.

    x= cost of sms/income

    In other countries, the cost of SMS is quite high, but ppl’s income aint peanuts. So even is cost of sms in slightly high, income is very very large, leading to a small value of x..

    Also, there are social factors. (esp in Mauritius- you guess the rest.)

    In any case, some ppl are really fast on the keypad and dont even look at it. There are even sms competitions where you have to type a text without looking and faster than anybody else.

    The keypad is highly intuitive except that new users may get confused with 4 characters on 7 and 9.

  3. Hurry hurry, you MUST try 3g.. EMTEL has just launched 3.5g modem.. Perhaps with your help, they’ll release new 3g which has directX incorporated with 3d effects :D, maybe the new series will be 3g.x …lol

  4. Not HCI issue – the network provider should provide the feedback of insufficient fund i.e send sms ‘zero cash jo, top up pa!’ [uk networks work provide text feedback]

    Some reasoning: credit information is held in network’s server [rather than on your phone memory]


    1. You attempt to send sms
    2. sms is received by network server
    3. Network server finds 0 balance
    4. Network server doesn’t forward your sms to its destination
    5. Instead, it sends a feedback sms to sender: kaver pas pu top up?

    Story ends.

  5. Use Delivery Report, unless your network is a real sucker n don’t provide this facility.

    Victim of daydreaming staring at a blank wall while phone is still in hand? Then check your sent items to see if you’ve sent the sms…

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