Katie Melua

Hello Mauritians I’ve got some devastating news! Music is not restricted to what you hear on Mauritian radios, in other words, Music does not stop at Shakira, Britney Spears, Boys Band, Fireball … Indeed there is real Music as well, music that is worth listening to and music that sell despite not featuring sexy girls scantily dressed in their music videos.

Today I’d like to talk about a cute girl that you’ve probably never heard of: Katie Melua


Katie is a singer that I discovered while I was in UK thanks to BBC Radio2; at some point, I was hearing her every morning on the radio. At that time, she was releasing her first album: Call off the Search. In 2005, she went on to release her second album Piece by Piece which again proved to be a massive hit especially in the UK. Pictures is the third album that she has recently released.

Of the three, I still prefer the first one but I’ve still to listen to the second one completely.


24 responses to “Katie Melua

  1. Mama mia!

    Very pretty indeed (with ref to the picture of course). Is it not a fact that female singers need to be so beautiful to get all the attention or is it that that they crave for beauty of some kind?

  2. Katie Melua is definitely a musical gem undiscovered outside of the UK. Not only is her music beautiful, she has a charming personality and highly intelligent.

  3. yeah she’s fantastic. with her suave voice, listening to her is bliss.. too bad the radios out here do not broadcast such fine artists..

    if you’re into those one-of-a-kind type of music, you might like to check myspace from time to time. lots of fabulous artists yet to be discovered.


  4. I am flatered to be written about this brings joy to my heart that my fans care so much. What i do not like are these rude comments about me saying how hot i am. i want to be known for my singing and how it makes people feel not by how i look. Thank you for writing about me and supporting my work. Keep bloging.
    -Katie Meula

  5. Her voice epitomises sweetness and melody. Her songs are so meaningful and so so passionately sung by her. She is the goddess of music. You have a fan for life in me, miss Katie. I’ll make sure to buy each and every albim that you release.

    All the best in your singing career. To me, you are a glowing star in the dark sky.

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