Hardy Heron – the next LTS


Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron has for some sometime now been announced and it will be released in April 2008 and what’s really nice is that it’s going to be the next Long Term Support provided by the Ubuntu team.

Ubuntu is a really amazing Linux distribution: it’s east to use, lots of software are available and we get a new release every 6 months – I’m too lazy to upgrade each time though.

So why am I so excited about a release that’s coming in 6 months time?
Well I’m still with Dapper, the previous LTS, coz it’s so stable and once properly configured it’s extremely smooth to use – the only hic is I’m still with Firefox 1.5. The new LTS will give me the opportunity to move to another very stable OS that is going to last me years and get the latest software: probably KDE 4 + lots of other goodies

In the mean time, Gutsy Gibbon is coming out on the 18th of October – good install.

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Gutsy Gibbon seems to be a very fine release: finally we have read-write access to NTFS drives and of course better support for hardware.

KDE 4.0 Beta 3 has been released and it look gorgeeeouuusssssss!

Now just imagine the next LTS building on Gutsy + having KDE 4 by default. Mouth watering!

7 responses to “Hardy Heron – the next LTS

  1. I’ve been Kubuntu that’s released every 6 months and making a clean install each time is a hassle: backup all data, install OS, install other things like Eclipse, Firefox… configure to my style,,,

    There’s a nice tool to update everything automatically: the update button (well, got to install the update package for this)! I’ve never tried it. Perhaps when next Kubuntu will be out in a month’s time…

    So looking to installing the LTS versions might be a good idea! That will give me more time to do and enjoy other meaningful things! Awaiting the next release…

  2. I tired to update once but it took so takes a very long time: basically it has to download the new versions of all the packages and basically it takes less time to do a clean install once you’ve got the kubuntu CD.

  3. 😀 have tried feisty fawn since some days now, always does my updates (quickly done with myT :D)

    :p its sure is great (useability wise), but i still miss my FreeBSD. (shall write something about ubuntu and…PC-BSD (when i finished comparing it) :p)


  4. I ‘m still at 6.06, and don’t look forward to set up everyting again. Wireless network card need (Ralink) with ndiswrapper, graphic card tools to set rgb coulors and illumination strength, clear type fonts needed and need to be set up in multiple menues. etc etc…

    Maybe I’ll go for some BSD-variant or more “commercial” OpenSolaris next time… even OpenSolaris also is lacking many of the drivers my desknote needs.

  5. Well Bernt, you can do an upgrade to Gutsy without having to reinstall everything. Plug ur CD and there’s the option upgrade 🙂

    In any case, I have formatted my Windows today, and partitioned the space so that I can make way for Gutsy Gibbon. (I noticed that Ubuntu, linux for Human Beings, has been using animals’ names for their releases; cool; drake as to duck,fawn as to deer, gibbon as to monkey and heron as to bird).

    I am currently downloading the gutsy iso from an australian mirror and planning to get it by tomorrow morning. I called MyT today to enquire why my browsing speed (couldnt tell them that my IDM didnt get the max stable download speed..) was so slow..and they told me I exceeded my 1gb limit etc etc..(recalling the days before limitation when i used to download 2gb per day:d )..lol..

  6. Go get the CD shipped free to you. Why do you have to download the ISO on such crappy connections?

    Btw, why did you sign up with MyT after all? Why go for 256K when it fits right BETWEEN 128K and 512K? So MT sure will be very happy indeed with ‘slower’ broadband users. Is it a question of ‘laisse MT soutire so banne utilisateurs’? Probably yes.

  7. Well Al Fred, I “upgraded” from 128K to 256K (and my mom wanted TNT as well). I should be happy however, because there was a time when Ares (the famous p2p) used to download at stable speeds of 200-230kb/s (Yeah 230kb/s!! – i got screenshots for that! lol), and I had to buy another 320GB (almost full by now) hardrive to make way for all the software and films..

    As for the distro, I remember waiting for a month till a get my Feisty Fawn..But I have asked for free Gutsy CDs anyway; a factory-pressed CD is better than this cdrw, re-written some 500 times already i guess..lol.

    And AlFred, you are right..We shouldn’t let “MT soutire so bane utilisaters”..

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