Anime: The bloody, gory type … with a story

Something special, just for Halloween.

Out of the anime I’ve seen in the past two years, Hellsing and Berserk are definitely among the top ten. Many people would rate these two as bloody, gory horror anime and I cannot argue with that. However, I feel that these anime didn’t have blood gushing around just for the sake of showing blood oozing out in all directions. Both Hellsing and Berserk had a story and blood and violence was just a necessary part of it (a la Kill Bill) and they both firt with the supernatural in their storyline.



Hellsing is the name of an organisation that protects England from hell creatures like ghouls, vampires, werewolves,… At the head of the organisation is Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and Alucard (note that it’s Dracula spelled backwards) is the their most powerful weapon. Alucard is a vampire, a very old – 1400 years old, he is said to be Dralula – and powerful one. He basically despises wannbe vampires and quickly dispatches them. During the story, he develops a liking for Seras Victoria, a human girl that Alucard turns into a vampire to save her from dying.



The anime follows Gatsu, an immensely powerful man who is in the Band of the Hawk. The latter is an army founded by Griffith, skilled swordsman and a talented general and “politician”. The third major character in the story is Casca, a woman soldier tralling with them. In the anime, Gatsu is helping Griffith fight wars and acheive recognition and all the battles are very violent. The manga goes much further than the anime.

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Another anime which I enjoyed as a kid was Fist of the northern star which as far as I remmeber was quite bloody as well (it took place in a mad max sort of world) and claymore which I saw recently was nice too.

10 responses to “Anime: The bloody, gory type … with a story

  1. mo ti p rod helsin depi 1 lepok :p

    anywayz, in the mean time, you got tagged
    – Top 5 quotes/Lines
    – 5 Things I’d Love To Do Before I Die
    – 5 Things I will Not Do Even If It Kills Me
    – 5 Things I want to Say And Never Will
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    – 5 Things I’ll Make You Wish You Didn’t Do, If You Did

  2. Frankly, the original Hellsing anime is really, REALLY poor. The new Hellsing Ultimate rocks since it follows the actual Hellsing manga closely. Check both Ultimate and the manga out if ever you have time, fellow Hellsing fan.

    Never checked Berserk though..

  3. Well I have checked berserk manga and i can tell only one thing: Gorest manga ive ever seen!
    Lol but i like it a lot 🙂
    I didnt read the hellsing manga but i’ve watched a few eps of the anime

  4. Claymore is the new berserk but far far better i havent actually seen berserk but ive been told by almost everyone ive talked to! so Claymore is definately a must to watch if you love anime… might also want to take a look at chrono crusade the story line is genius you wont be disappointed

  5. geez,you all have seen few anime and trying to pretend real anime fans..its so fyunny to read… ye berserk is bloody,but it doesnt the bloodyiest and goryiest ever…

    Twilight of the Dark Master ,psycho driver,ninja scroll,demon cuty shinjuku and many many other..

    personaly I love hellsing,but I dont think its very bloody….elfen lied and gantz ;DDDDD goryiest ever? ;DDDD ok…maybe our understanding of word goryiest is totally different ;DDD

    Iam not saying that mine anime is the most bloodiest,but when you are choosing smth dont choose from few anime you have seen,or if you like romance anime dont say your opinion about gory anime…

    i prefer bloody anime,so I dont spek about comedy or etc..

    sorry maybe my opion was not nice,but its my opinion ;)))

  6. to this a-hole (retro) at the who wants us to “get a life” for, your information, its anime we’re looking for anime not manga (comic) and you just came here just to say that? come on! grow a brain

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