GLUI 2.35 and Windows

GLUI provides a simple and fast way of creating basic interfaces for OpenGL programs in C++ (for more advanced stuff, I’d recommend QT).  I’ve tried the latest version of GLUI (v 2.35) on Linux and it works like a charm but the same code (with the windows library of course) refused to work on Windows with Visual C++ 6.0

I got stuck with loads of linking error in Visual C++ and it just wouldn’t work:

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: class GLUI_Button * ..........

Though in the end I managed to reduce the errors, it still wouldn’t work: why, why, whyyyyyyyyyyyy

Linking the project with an older version of the GLUI library however did work. So am i doing something wrong? Even google didn’t manage to help me out this time 😦

Also I’m not the only one concerned it seems, click here for more.


9 responses to “GLUI 2.35 and Windows

  1. the last time i tried what you did, i got stuck with errors on windows with codes working properly on slackware. later on, i learnt that there were differences in versions and libs on linux and windows. one of the platforms either had more components than the other. i suggest you try something simple and then find out what is lacking by extending your program. good luck and don’t be frustrated like i was.

  2. I’m using the linux header and library for ubuntu but i’m not using the same thing on windows. I’m using the header and the library files meant for Windows but I still don’t know why it doesn’t want to work.

    It doesn’t trouble me a lot: I use Linux most of the time. To make the same code work on Windows I had to use an older version of GLUI for windows but still it’s puzzling!!!

  3. good. now you’re frustrated. we are like frustrated men awaiting to date an annoying but hots piece of codes (women) whose levels of annoyance increase each day. So, we prefer the women from the previous days.
    I’ve gone mad @ this. Don’t turn out to be like me.

  4. @ames I got DX SDK ver 9.0 and installed it. It allows you to create 3D apps. Just asking whether you are using the same thing…

  5. no but i did use it a while back (like 3 or 4 years ago if i remember correctly) – the thing i like in DX SDK – once you’ve completed your work, you just drag and drop the control onto a win form and there you’ve your animation working without pain.

    but in the grand scheme of things, I prefer free and open source engines – i’m toying Torc right now and lovin’ it

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