Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Water in the morning)


Once again we’ve hit the dry season in Mauritius and as usual when we open our taps, nothing happens or if you are incredibly lucky, you get a thin silvery trickle.

If water is not running from your tap it doesn’t mean that it’s the same everywhere – though I’m now forced to shower with cold water (not enough water pressure) in the morning and recently in the evening as well (thank you God, the dry season isn’t in winter) I know of regions in Mauritus where the pressure has only decreased – nothing more than that ( I won’t tell you where – that’s Mauritius – instead of giving those who have no water they’ll cut where water is flowing from taps). Anway as George Orwell taught us in Animal Farm, everyone is equal but some are more equal than others!

But do we really lack water? The water level in our reservoir is “decreasing at an alarming rate” and we need to save water (except the 40% that lost because there are holes in the pipes of the water system). So when there is a hole in a pipe, be sure to repair it and inform the CWA about it (but who is to inform them about the 40% water leakage in their own pipes).

Anyway that’s Mauritius!


4 responses to “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Water in the morning)

  1. a water tank wouldn’t be a bad thing :p, it will fill itself up at night and in the morning you can use that water to bath.. hence hot water since you get pressure.

    but don’t connect it to the same pipe you’ll be drinking from though.

    no water problems for the moment in my part of that mauritius :p


  2. eta, to pas conne bouille delo?! baille dans backet!
    bez ar toi la. – ramasse dilo, met chaud lor difer gramatin to baigner

    ou bien, adopter la mode mamzel – pa baigner, mete parfum plein plein.

    duraco li dire! – rode ene tank – fixer up couma selven in dire. use a dual connector (a mixer – that’s the term used) to connect your tank (connected to your heating device) – hot water goes in the mixer, get mixed with cold water and you end up with warm water. adjust the mixer for the level of hotness (hotness of water, not your own hotness or katie melua’s hotness lol)

    ale baigner aster. i live near curepipe- ena delo ici p couler excepter vers midi.

  3. Sorry guys I’m not into plumbing. Can’t I write some codes that will reconfigure my water pipe system?

    If I need a plumber I’ll get ames 🙂

  4. avant mo vine cote, lave sa marbre la – bez sa – ena la poussiere on top.

    hey, pascal, you sparkle (sparkling zetwal) an idea -> use of sensors and a system to deal with water distribution @ home.
    thank you 🙂

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