Female stereotypes of beauty

I came across an interesting video on youtube that is attracting a lot of attention:

The modern day beauty needs to have the following stereotypes: slim, smooth skin, juicy lips, long silky hair, small nose, small chin, (as mentionned by Jane Ein her post Irvin Penn and Female Beauty), and busty round boobs, round booty (in Mauritius: be white). If a girl doesn’t have that, makeup, photoshop and plastic surgery will help.

Yet, going back to the paintings to the renaissance, paintings depicted women otherwise as shown below in the famous painting by Botticelli – The Birth of Venus

So when did this change in stereortypes occur? That should lead to an interesting discussion…


4 responses to “Female stereotypes of beauty

  1. In Mauritius -> fair colour + slim + shorter than the male + (be a slave @ home – in most cases it’s like that but it’s changing)

    For my part, I prefer to define the beauty of a woman by her intellect first, and then the physique of hers come later (don’t care much about her being busty. I want her short – chibi, big anime eyes, well, I want a chibi Winry-like anime character in real life but she’ll have to wear glasses – that matters to me)

    As far as stereotypes go, people need to change. The physique is not as appealing as the intellect. I know a few hot blondes (true blondes) who are awesome geniuses.

    Though physique comes in second, here are my thoughts:

    slim -> Nothing to hold onto when performing the physical act of love
    smooth skin -> indeed.
    juicy lips -> when french kissing her, lips doesn’t matter much
    long silky hair -> yes, hair is good to smell and to have in one’s mouth or over the face
    small nose -> nose kissing and licking requirements don’t cover the size of the nose. It’s all about pointy noses!
    small chin -> doesn’t matter. it depends on the facial structure.
    busty round boobs -> there are other places to hold onto when performing the physical act of love. moreover, a nipple is just a nipple (sensitivity)
    round booty -> i believe it’s the females that look @ males’ asses. I, for one, don’t care about the butt of females.

    I guess everything is subjective. What about you, Pascal? What do you think? Are you still drooling @ K. Melua?

  2. @ames

    Don’t confuse your issues with with that of other people!
    If you are drooling over Katie Melua, it doesn’t mean that other people are doing the same and for your information I don’t drool!

  3. Simply put, for one specific community in our country: If you’re fair (read also ‘very fair’), you’re beautiful, no matter what: pimples, rashes on your head but still covered by a daily shampooed silky hair. Does that come from watching too many of those bullsh*ts pouring out of Bollywood onto our local TV screens.

    But now that’s all changing thanks to education, etc. Yet, there are some girls who still think they are pretty because of that and even her peers will crave to LOOK like her. Yuck!

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