Catamaran trip on the west coast of Mauritius – watching dolphins

Today I went for a catamaran trip on the west coast of Mauritius – the main interest of which being dolphins. Indeed for some time now, a group of dolphin has been known to inhabit the bay of Tamarin and since then it has been a major tourist attraction. Incidentally the year 2007 has been declared as International Year of the Dolphin by the UN.

We started our trip at 9:30 near the Centre de Peche and the first destination the dolphins. 3 catamarans and a mutitude of small boats were on the look-out for the aquatic mammals at the “usual rendez-vous spot” and eventually the dolphins showed themselves and the “chase” began!

Yes it’s a chase! As soon as the dolphins appear, all the boats rush to them but these smart mammals quickly disappear to re-emerge at another location. Personally I don’t know who was having most fun: us or them? After some 30 mins of going here and there, we left and went to a spot for some diving and now, it was time for the dolphins to chase us. They were playfully swimming in front of the catamaran jumping here and there.

The rest of the trip was composed of diving near the reefs, BBQ on the catamaran and a boat trip to Ile aux Benitiers.

Ile of Benitiers

Some 15 years back, I went to Ile aux Benitiers and I like it a lot but this time what I saw was appaling! I stayed a very short time there and was only on the west coast of the island and my account below is going to tell only that (hope that what I did not see is better).

The island is polluted: plastic bottles and coconuts thrown here and there, trees are burnt and even the beach shows traces of a badly lit BBQ and the sea is even worse: there’s a lot of sea weed – most likely the result of fertilizers washed in the lagoon – and there’s only a small spot where you can swim.

The whole situation is really appaling and I unfortunately do not have any photos to show that!


3 responses to “Catamaran trip on the west coast of Mauritius – watching dolphins

  1. Pascal,

    Your trip sounds fantastic! I’m going to Mauritius in less than a month now and my friends and I would love to book a catamaran for a day.

    Do you, by any chance, remember the name of the company that took you on such a great trip?



  2. Hello Emilie

    I don’t remember the name of the company but I’ll check with some friends and get back to you soon hopefully.

    Anyway, there are lots of companies organising such trips and you shouldn’t have any problems organisingone when you come to Mauritius. Also, taking the catamaran to flat island is really nice as well.

    Hope you have a lovely trip to Mauritius.

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