The Rise of Linux and hopefully the demise of paid Operating Systems


Sometime back, the only Operating System that could be used by “commoners” was Windows and MacOS if you had a Mac – now that Apple has open its architecture, Windows (and Linux) can be installed as well. Unix was absolutely impossible to use and Linux despite the best effort of the open-source community still required you to be a geek.

However, things are changing: if you have a look at the latest Kubuntu, you will notice that user-friendliness has moved a long way (and eye candy, especially with KDE 4 seems to have little to envy from Vista) but it’s still not there yet! What users would like is:

  • automatic detection and configuration of all hardware
    • starndard hardware is recognized but if you just step aside this circle, well well drivers tend to get scarce
  • automatic detection and recognition of all external devices plugged in
    • nearly there
  • music (mp3), video, DVDs, … play seamlessly
    • is possible but publishers will have to stop their aversion of non open-source software
  • lots of software
    • this is a viscious circle: more software will be available if the demand increases and for the demand to increase people must move to linux and people do not want to move to linux coz there’s too few software
      • games is still a big issue though!!!
    • honestly this is a myth(apart from games): most people need only a browser, office software and music players and all that is available!

Once these 4 objectives are met, Microsoft and Apple will have to start worrying coz people will no longer be keen to pay $120 for an OS. The only question is when will all that happen? Soon I hope

(Note: Linux in the above comes mainly from my using Kubuntu and Suse – I have an aversion for Red Hat šŸ˜‰ )


2 responses to “The Rise of Linux and hopefully the demise of paid Operating Systems

  1. Well, well. I should say that there’s lots of software available in Linux. We can see them by just taking a look at the astonishing number of packages for nearly everything that we can imagine of!
    But yes, games are rather rare. But installing Wine and then installing Counter-Strike or World of Warcraft should be good at bringing Windowz games to Linux šŸ™‚

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