2008 astrological predictions


2008 is here and as usual the doom sayers astronomers are back ready to predict the end of the world with their wise predictions. Let’s have a look:

Le monde… vu par Neer Jyotish – 5 Plus Dimanche
– De nombreuses reformes sociales et politiques sont a prevoir. Elles ne seront pas toujours positives
– La haine religieuse et raciale s’accentura
– Les hommes auront une plus esperance de vie plus longue. Nous aurons beaucoup de centenaires en 2008
– Les terroristes menaceront la paix dans le monde

How interesting!!! Mr Neer Jyotish is sure to have have a 100% track record at the end of 2008 and the least that we can say is that he’s playing it very very safe. Analysing what he said:

  1. What is “nombreuses”? Any number of changes would fit in that and they might be positive or negative. Well well that covers anything that could happen in the political arena
  2. This follows the current trend – wars are not going to stop
  3. Life expectance has been steadily risisng year after year – is it going to stop rising in 2008?
  4. They have been doing so for the past couple of years, are they going to stop next year?

I could be an astronomer as well:

  1. Prices are going to rise in 2008 and people won’t be happy about it
  2. The world will have to face wars
  3. The climate will be harsh
  4. Computing power is going to increase in 2008 – yeah!!!! (I’m not forgetting our geek friends)

If you don’t mind me saying that, it’s a big load of crap! However, he has one precise prediction: “a plane crash in the Indian Ocean”. If that holds true, he’ll be a hero. But hold on, look back at 2007 – what major events did we have? How many did astronomers get right? A 10% accuracy would surprise me – a random number generator will do better than most of our astronomers.

My accurate predictions:

  1. A war will break up in Africa
  2. A big cyclone will hit Central America
  3. A major political figure will step down in 2008
  4. A train crash in India will leave many deads

So let’s see who gets it right


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