Mauritius Elections vs US Elections


United States

Mr Barack Obama, a black guy, could soon be making history in the US: he is the first black guy to have a reasonable chance of being elected as president of the United States.

In the US, blacks are about 15% of the population and whether he wins or not is immaterial for this post. However, no one is going to do a racist campaign in the shadows against him; none of his opponent will ever say: “don’t vote for him coz he’s black” coz the moment he/she does so, the press will destroy him/her and it will be the end!

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If ever a candidate in Mauritius from the ethnic minorities tries to aspire to become prime minister, he’s bound to have a tough time. His/her opponents will just quietly say to the electorate: “do you want this guy to be your leader” and by this we should understand: this guy who is not of your religion/ethnicity/group/… to lead you.

In Mauritius, this racist argument will work and the poor guy (from the ethnic minorities) will lose and the press won’t be able to destroy any candidate because he used racist arguments – the electorate will just say (quietly) he’s damn right!

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Despite what we might say, Mauritius is a paradise where all communities live in harmony, we’re still far far behind and as one of my friends put it, Mauritius is a multiracial multiracist country.

7 responses to “Mauritius Elections vs US Elections

  1. Still I can’t help saying to myself that the Republicans must be very happy to have either a woman or a black man as opponent… Recent history shows that, contrarily to countries like India, Pakistan, Turkey and England, the US electorate only elect white males as head of state.

    I would love to be wrong though 🙂

  2. According to Lindsay, all US presidents have up to now only Northern European origins – British, Germans,…

    Also, damn right though the republicans primaries is not in the limelight, they’ll definitely be rubbing their hands since when the real stuff comes.

  3. Rightly pointed out that this election will somehow be a landmark in the political history of 21st century United States. Not only can a woman aspire to become president, a colored person can also choose to. But I do not wholly agree with the way you pointed out your arguments:

    1. ‘the first black guy to have a reasonable chance of being elected as..’
    This is true. He’s got a reasonable (this is a right word) chance but by what margin? I don’t think postwar US would be stupid enough to endorse an African -American. No, it’s got nothing to do with him being black. From a Mauritian point of view, we may say so because of how we were brought up, how to call our frinds so-and-so at school and choose our parliament members every five years, etc. That’s much deeper than the race issue and needs no comparison with the local context.

    2. ‘However, no one is going to do a racist campaign in the shadows against him’
    You’re wrong. The mudslinging is just about to start. What went wrong with McCain during the 2000 primaries. That he sired a Bangladeshi (read black) girl. What did we not hear? Even now, the Clinton camp have already started their dirty ads claiming Obama to be a Jihadist Muslim (though he’s a devout Christian but, mind you, with a Muslim father). Hitting one’s credibility always happens during American politics.

    3. Your comparisons with the Mauritian context.
    I do agree that some(not all) prominent local politicians are so tunnel-visioned 40 years after our independence. Btw, where do they garner their support? All Mauritians, from all communities? I don’t think so. Zetwal, you were born during post-independence Mauritius, so you totally miss out along what lines the 1967 elections were fought and what happened in its aftermath! So, does it mean I’m a a racist if I refuse to favour a candidate from a minority community?
    Recently, one became PM via ‘la petite porte’. That same politician in 82,87,91,95,2000 always presented one from the Majority community as its candidate for the prime ministerial post. Why is that so? Is he insane or did he stick to the local reality? Perhaps you have the answer to this question: is race or community the big elephant hiding in the room? Has Mauritius matured so much?

    All US presidents so far have been from the Protestant/Baptist faith with the exception of J.F.Kennedy (that oddity was corrected in controversial circumstances). A good majority of them are of direct British lineage (except a notable few such as Bill Clinton who’s Irish and van Buren, Rooseveldt,etc) but they’re mostly from Protestant Europe. John Kerry (another Catholic) lost during the 2004 Presidentials. Was it a surprise? You judge.

  4. how dare people c that mtus is weird,its my country and its far more better than other country,am proud to be mauritian

  5. Based on my experience, I have to agree with Pascal. I’ve lived in England and Australia for the past 10 years and after I came back last year, I can tell you that Mauritius IS RACIST

  6. The election of Barack Obama is a landmark in international politics and for sure is a turning point for this century. There is no coincidence. At a time where the political and economic models are being reviewed he is being viewed as a saviour. At least he deserves the right to be supported and given the chance to succeed. As regards the Mauritian “racist” issue I believe it is a little harsh. I am myself a globe trotter having already worked in a number of countries, including Africa where I am presently. And I can say that Mauritius is still a little paradise. Having said that there is a lot to do make people change and this includes all the spheres. History and politics have a lot to say in the “raison d’être” of such a situation. Accusing each other will not solve the problem. Poverty and wrong distribution of wealth is a big issue worlwide and this does not exclude Mauritius. Debating about this issue needs a proper “cadrage”. However, we need to be positive.

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