Numbers for words: Mauritian Creole Language


Mauritian creole is on the way of becoming a full fledge language. For us Mauritians, it’s our mother tongue but until recently it lacked a proper dictionary – now we have quite a few but they seem to disagree among themselves on how to write the same word.

Anyway enough with introductions, let’s now tackle the core of this post. How many languages do you know that use numbers to represent words? Personally I know none and according to me this makes Mauritian Creole quite unique. So let’s have a look at some of these:

  • Number :: Meaning
    • 4 :: dead
    • 6 :: gay
    • 11 :: two feet
    • 14 :: head (e.g. so 14 ine 28 – he’s gone mad)*
    • 17 :: a flirt – first stage of becoming a girlfriend
    • 29 :: have to go to the loo
    • 32 :: chinese people
    • 34 :: cheater
    • 35 :: girlfriend
    • 40 :: bottom

More words will be added with the help of contributers (Lindsay and Avinash for now) and as I remember some more.

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So 14 ine 28 – according to Avinash’s mum, the origin is that doctors see their patients every 14 days at the hospital but only every 28 days in an asylum. 🙂


5 responses to “Numbers for words: Mauritian Creole Language

  1. 1: chief, boss or king
    2: double, twice
    7: thief
    15: breast
    21: to drink
    22: a hindu
    24: face or eating
    27: the police
    28: to run away, escape
    33: a child
    36: male sexual organ

    Mo nimero 1 lor manz minn, kouma tip faim, mo dir mo kass ar 2, pa kalkil pou prend 3, ena 4 la dans, ver 5hrs enn 6 rentré, enn k7 9 en bas so lé bras, li mett enn 10, a la tou dimoun mett lor 11, ep! 12 minit apré 13(thérÚse) vini, ti 14 bien peintiré, ti 15 bien pointe, li riss enn 16 li asizé, prend kont, samo17, li ena 18 mo ena 19, enfin nou prend enn bouteil di 20, nou koumans 21, lot koté ti enaenn 22 23 ans, li ti 24 trankil, b kouma ti lé 26-26 par la, bann 27 la persé, ala bizin 28, mam la 29 dans so kalson, 32 ki vann minn la bizin défalké so 33, moi? mo 35 ti ptrap mo 36, mo léspri ti pou kass sa dans so 40, béééé, inn ariv kot pa koné.

    kreol la kapav nimport mé péna okenn languaz lo la terre ki kapav fer ou rié, fer ou joyé. mo fier mo langaz

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