Any urbanization plan for the Ebene cybercity region???

The Ebene region has, since a couple of years, witnessed massive developments with buildings growing like mushroom after rain.

Indeed, just by walking round and counting you can easily spot around 10 buildings with at least 3 more under construction. While this is all good for our development, it does not seem like there is any urbanization plan that is being followed. As the “current government” rightly pointed out, no plans have been made for parking accomodation (by the “previous government”) and during office hours (which are quite long there) cars line the roads for kilometres (and these roads are not massive!!!)

Even worse, with the sheer amount of building popping up there, in some years time, the Ebene region won’t have any trees or grass anymore; it’ll just be buildings as far as you can see and far far from the idyllic cybercties that we see in India!!

There is an urgent need for an urbanization plan with wider roads, parking and space reserved for green spaces. Currently only Cyber Tower one has some grass round it; Cyber two is a joke in terms of planning with 4 walls surrounding the “tower”. So before the “next government” criticises the “current government” for its inaction, we need to plan and at all costs stop this frenzy building craze that we have with the Ebene region.

4 responses to “Any urbanization plan for the Ebene cybercity region???

  1. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the very ‘city’ we pass by daily on our way to Port Louis is a cybercity. Anyway, what’s a cybercity? From what the current generation (I mean today’s tech-savvy youth) will tell, it should be a virtual reality city! Ours comes nowhere close to that.

    As for your query about endless car line-ups on our roads, I think everyone from outside Mauritius has a very simple answer to that! Have you read about what the eminent American economist Paul Romer complained about during his recent visit here: For a big country like ours, our road network is just too small and will evidently be congested all the time.

    Have you thought about each Mauritian family (someday soon read that as ‘each member of the Mauritian family’) keeping adding one burden to our already stagnant road network. I think we too Mauritians should do our fair share of alleviating our problems by using our public transport on-and-off. But that’s another issue. ‘Mo meme mari avec mo l’auto’ or you might hear ‘bis se pou dimoune malheureux et moi mo pas misere’. That’s just my voice.

  2. Its true what you say. I was in Mauritius two weeks ago (I’m Mauritian too) and the roads were bad. But I use the public transport – hell its slow sometimes but you just have to plan ahead. If we want a cleaner environment we are going to have to use public transport and they have to be buses that are in a better condition.

  3. Our public transport system is very much in shambles (as it always was) and deserves an immediate & thorough shake-up.

    We should not be proud of those cockroach-infested, poorly ventilated and barely cleaned buses travelling up and down the ‘Cyberisland’ of ours. I don’t picture any improvement in the years to come. If that’s the case, then I do not entirely blame car owners since the decision is purely theirs in their best interest.

  4. I agree with Al Fred after waiting an hr everyday on the bus stop back and forth that cybercity..Govt seems to be blind about this issue

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