Information Theory and the MBC (a story of Entropy)


One of the major contribution of Claude Shannon to Computer Science is the Information Theory. In simple terms, the Information Theory states that:

The value of Information is inversely proportional to its probability of occurrence.

For example, saying that the Sun will rise in the east tomorrow is insignificant information – the sun rises in the east everyday; no big deal really. However, if the sun will tomorrow rise in the west, this is massive news since the probability of the sun rising in the west tomorrow is nil!

The New Information courtesy MBC

Watching the MBC news led me to conclude that the MBC must have redefined the Information Theory. I don’t think that they’ll divulge that coz it’s most likely an Industrial Secret. So I’ve tried to analyse the news and guess what formula they might be using for their new Information Theory and this is what I have concluded; the three laws of MBC Information Theory.

Law 1:

The value of Information is directly proportional to the number of ministers present or to the importance of the minister in the event covered.

Law 2:

Nothing bad ever happens in Mauritius (or if it happens, it’s the “previous government” to be blamed).

Law 3:

Mauritius is the centre of the world and nothing (or very rarely something) happens outside Mauritius.

The different laws explained:

1. From what I’ve observed, every-night we need to have at least one minister on TV. Usually it starts with the prime ministers and moves on to the other (more junior) ministers and very often half of the 30 mins news is just an account of the field trips of our ministers. If my memory serves me correctly, the director of the MBC once justified this by saying that: after all it’s normal; they were elected by the population (and so they must be important to the population) and so the population has the right to know what they are up to. Hmmmm, well well, since Minsters are not so present in the news in Europe and the US, guess that these countries must be dictatorships! Oh God, we’ve been lied for so many years :O!!!

2. Apart from crimes and road accidents, there’s never mention of whether a minister has been accused of something illegal, a region doesn’t have running water or there’s some uprising or a similar event. After all: “Mauritius was made first, then heaven was copied from it” – Mark Twain, and it’s surely not an Overcrowded Baracoon!!! If it is, it’s because of the “previous government” – those bastards!!!.

3. Out of the 30 mins news, we rarely have more than 5 mins devoted to News of the “rest of the world” (or are we in the Trueman show?) So given that (5/30 = 1/6) 1/6 of the news is dedicated to the “rest of the world”, Mauritius must be 5 times bigger than all the other countries in the world (Ratio 1:5)

Should I write a paper on this?

2 responses to “Information Theory and the MBC (a story of Entropy)

  1. infact.. mauritius is turning to what that book called “1984” by george orwell.

    they have got firm controlled over the media… now they want to control your thoughts and action.

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