Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (Ruroni Kenshin)

Trust and Betrayal (Ruroni Kenshin)

First of all I’d like to explain the different parts of this anime; I myself was confused about it to start with. Chronologically we have the following in the series:

  • Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (Reminisence)
    • This is an OAV (4 parts) that is the prequel to the anime Rurouni Kenshin. It tells the story of Kenshin who was found by Hiko, the master of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū, who trained him to be a skilled swordsman. However at 15, Kenshin leaves his master to join the Meiji restoration.


  • Rurouni Kenshin
    • An anime that has 95 episodes that tells the story of Kenshin after the Meiji restoration. It basically follows the story of Kenshin who now has a reverse blade sword while he tries to help people around him.


  • Samurai X: Reflection (Seisouhen)
    • This is an OAV (2 parts) that show the end of the series.


  • Samurai X: The Movie (Ishin Shishi he no Requiem)
    • A movie that is chronologically (I think since I have not seen it yet – will be updated by the end of this week) between the anime and Seisouhen.

This is one of my favourite anime and Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal is just one of the best anime I’ve seen so far. Instead of just being a classical sword fighting anime with blood gushing in all directions, the anime ranges from serious, funny, and even sad. Samurai X doesn’t have the funny part but it’s a stong anime from start to end as we see the story of Kenshin fighting for a cause he believes in, finding love and eventually …

A definitely must see anime!!!

3 responses to “Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (Ruroni Kenshin)

  1. one of the best animes i have ever seen, i have not yet seen samurai-X (waiting for a copy from you).

    But ever since i watched ruroni kenshin, got addicted to it, and when they ended the anime with the movie, it was sooooo sad what kenshin died, that’s unfair, they could have left a possibility for the anime to continue.

  2. I’ve only ever read the manga…

    I’ve heard that the anime suddenly stopped in the middle of fillers or something. The manga was confusing enough with everybody shouting japanese sword techniques all over it.

    if I may spoil you, Kenshin doesn’t die in the manga.

    If we are indeed talking about the same thing… Short orange haired fellow, a cross scar on the cheek, has an inverted katana and goes “oro” at random things, yes?

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