Buzzword – online document editor from Adobe

I assume that most web-aware folks have seen or heard (or used) Google Docs, the online word editor by Google. It is certainly not the only one in existence and today I’ve tried Buzzword:


google docs

Since it’s Adobe, the interface is a cool dark Flash interface (it seems that they are building lots of stuff round this platform these days) that basically makes you want to write something there. In terms of presentation, there are fewer icons on the top taskbar but more are available on clicking the icons on the right.

In terms of features, I’ve not found it too different from Google Docs, the most commonly used tools are there and it’s fussy-less and straight forward.


So how does it rate compared to Google Docs?

Pretty good and for writing my own documents, I’ll certainly use it. But I’m a bit wary of the collaborative aspect. It’s nothing to do with the editor but it’s just that most of my collaborators are already using Google Docs and I don’t think they’ll be that keen to move; in other words it’s inherently disadvantaged compared to Google Docs and that will I think be a major hurdle for this really cool text editor.

Can’t I get an offline version of this?

2 responses to “Buzzword – online document editor from Adobe

  1. Hey, that’s cool. I didn’t know online document editors existed….Now i only have to find its offline version…hehe. Need to try it out..

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