Can’t Save images in Firefox

Since some time back, I simply couldn’t save images in Firefox. When I right-clicked on an image and chose save, it won’t give any errors but it wouldn’t save the image. However, note that dragging the image onto the desktop would save the image on the desktop.

I finally found the solution on this forum:

In simple terms, you just have to delete the file download.rdf from the path: C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\vlcl3pr1.default\

Don’t worry it won’t crash your application and you won’t lose any data, at least nothing like that happened on my PC.


12 responses to “Can’t Save images in Firefox

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  2. Try to go to adress
    and look for “download”. Some of the config entries, e.g. the last download location, perhaps point to a drive letter which is not present any more. Just change it to “c:\” or something and try again. This worked for me.

  3. I have just fixed mine, but had to delete the file download.sqlite from the same location. Now I can save pics as a a jpeg instead of only html.

  4. This doesn’t work anymore. On Windows 7 x64, my firefox has been having this picture saving problem from the start. I could only find the solution involving the download.rdf file all over the net.

    But what worked for me was disabling auto virus scanning of downloaded files. Type in “about:config” in the address bar then search for “”. When you find it, double click it to set it to FALSE. This is the only thing that was causing my Firefox not to save pictures.

    Very Strange.

  5. I deleted the mentioned file but firefox maks it again whenever i open it!
    This method doesn’t work for me!!

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