PHP Wizard: PHPMaker5

So you want an easy life; you want to make PHP forms as if you are working with access? It’s possible. There are loads of such programs available but the best I’ve seen is PHPmaker5.

How it works
To start with, you need to have your database ready (in MySQL for example). PHPMaker5 will connect to your database and get the tables you are using. For each of these tables, you can create a form (PHPMaker5 will make a form out of it) that will allow you to add data to your database – of course all databasse connection scripts will be created for you.
Exploring the software a bit more will allow you to create forms with one to many relationships (master-child) and combo boxes can even retreive from tables!

Favourite Features

  • It just works – it connects to your database and allows you to create forms just like that. In a few mins, you’ll have a decent application alive and kicking
  • Customization – the code generated is clear and it can be easily customized to cater for additional stuff. In addition to that, the CSS can be easily changed
  • It’s free – this amazing software is free. You only have to pay and register if you want support

If you don’t believe me, go to their site and you’ll see that PHPMaker5 has got no less than 21 awards! The only criticism I can make is that there’s no Linux version unfortunately.

2 responses to “PHP Wizard: PHPMaker5

  1. i think these types of tools should be banned cause they make people lazy and most of the time they generate long line of code for simple program. just hope year 2 stud dnt found about it

  2. i really love this tool, and as a matter of fact i have brought one, like PHP Generator for mySQL which is a free, my teacher is impress by my output.

    Love this tool, works like magic.

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