Governing by looking through the rear mirror

Have you ever tried driving by looking in your rear mirror only? If you’ve not tried yet, I’m sure there’s a good reason why!

In Mauritius, we govern not by looking forward but by looking back, apart from the fact that our Prime Minister likes to continuously refer to his dad ;), all we talk about is what has happened. For example, one year ago we were all focussing on tsunamis (who knew that word 5 years back – now even 5 year old kids know about it) and we were wondering how to protect Mauritius. Now everyone is just talking about flooding (and we’re putting the blame on climate change – it’s so much nicer compared to putting it on some minister…). But what are the odds that these will re-occur anytime soon? I might be wrong but statistically the chances are low.

We’ve been shattered by natural calamities and we saw that we were not prepared at all. What we need to do is to reassess our ability at dealing with threats (those we’ve faced and those we’ve not faced yet) and prepare ourselves for future calamities that might fall on us. Just imagine that in one year, a tanker sinks near our coast and there’s a massive oil spill. Are we prepared for that? We’ve never faced such a calamity and if this happens the tourism industry is a goner.

We really need to start thinking of the future and stop focussing on past events. We need to analyse past events and learn from them. Enough with this firefighting policy!


2 responses to “Governing by looking through the rear mirror

  1. oil spill i think the port authority and the NCG often have drills about these situation. how effective its gonna be in a real life situation can’t be said though.

    btw maybe it hard to predict what might happen and if provisions for all sort calamities are made, it might cost a lot.
    Maybe we can’t afford that luxury for the time being.

    btw i completely agree with you about the fact of we tend to look back a lot.. another example is for elections. every party tend to point out the past mistakes of other parties and not elaborate enough on their program. thats y basically when they eventually get elected they find it difficult to implement their “electoral program” eg transport gratis..

    our PM is insecure thats y he tend to bring up his father in every situation
    i think its high time to stop hiding behind daddy’s name and start building your own (so that maybe your son can hide behind yours when he becomes PM) politics seem to be a family business these days lol

  2. I don’t blame you vicks but it seems a bit unlucky that blogging became a local fad after 2005 (local elections at that time eh…) and your comments come at the right time for you.

    Btw, since when does our PM mention his father in his speeches? Don’t act like a frog sitting under a coconut shell accompanied by a local racist private radio who vomits all sorts of crap everyday! Can you name me one PM who can lead this country better than him. If you can, I’ll have one medal ready for you!

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