He is a racist!!!

Since some time now, I’ve noticed something quite “dangerous” that’s starting to happen in Mauritius. When person A from a certain community X accuses person B of community Y and latter doesn’t know what to answer, he immediately accuses person A of be a racist! It’s so easy and … so lame.

I’m going to be blunt here: If you are being criticized and can’t defend yourself, it’s either because you really did something wrong or are too lame to defend yourself! Hiding behind, “sa blanc la”, “sa malbar la”, “sa lascar la”, … doesn’t help! That’s especially true in the local political arena.


One response to “He is a racist!!!

  1. Absolutely true.

    We’re already in 2008 and yet so many have this 1960s era mentality of talking of community this and community that! I even saw a ‘banderole’ a few days ago bearing the following:FSM…Unissons nous avec l’Islam! (A bit like that)

    Damn it! Where does this come from? Are we so unsafe to live with so many communities and yet have to redefine ourselves as DIFFERENT from others? Disgusting…

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