1st of May in Mauritius

Every first of May in Mauritius, it’s the same old story. All political parties gather their troops (the troops are happy to come since there’s a free picnic and briani that follows) and try to show that they are the greatest.

In the afternoon, MBC will lavishly show (from all possible angles) the crowd gathered by the government (and sometimes even quote “estimates”) saying that the government has definitely gathered more people for the picnic after the show; it doesn’t matter if you’ve not been to the government’s gathering, you’ll get to see it at least 3 times! The next day, the newspapers will say otherwise, of course the opposition got more people, quoting their own “estimates”.

The afternoon of the 2nd or 3rd of May is then marked by representatives of the governing party saying how biased the journalists from the press are while the opposition will be full of praise for the same guys.

For us, it’s another long wait – a whole year – for the next free picnic; oops I’ve never been to such a gathering yet; so no briani for me :(.


2 responses to “1st of May in Mauritius

  1. dude .. you don’t know the whole story!

    rouz ti donne Rs.500 + briani + tshirt + picnic :p

    pa gagne comprend sa pays la

  2. LOL, better stay at home and eat home made briyani… πŸ˜› I saw most of them going there for the purpose of having free briyani, no matter which political party is giving the briyani… Anyway as it is i am no more interested in politics, so better not talk about that… πŸ˜› Got better things to think about… πŸ˜‰ Wat say sir?

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