Environment friendly or fiendly?

Incandescent bulbs use a lot of money and so we should (in order to try to reduce our energy bill) to try to use the low-energy bulbs but guess what, the latter are four times more expensive – Rs 20 v/s Rs 80!

If we want to convert Mauritius to an eco-park, we should surely try to fix that. Luckily I heard sometime back that the Central Electricity Board is going to come up with a scheme to exchange Incandescent bulbs for low-energy ones; let’s hope I’ve heard correctly!


5 responses to “Environment friendly or fiendly?

  1. the low energy ones is nice (in my room i use that instead of tubes as there was an incandescent light in the beginning there, and it used to hurt my epileptic brain :p). Epileptically also it is good… until…. it starts to flicker (at some point in time.. nearing its end of life, it starts to vibrate, (the light vibrates, not the bulb), this is horrible then.. really horrible :p.

    but compared to normal bulb, the low energy ones are nice :p just don’t let it come near to its end of life.

  2. At my place, all the “ordinary” bulbs have been replaced by the energy saving ones. I have put two tones, white and yellow.

    I’ve purchased 2 ES bulbs for Rs 60; ordinary brands. But Philips is the best!

    But there is a hitch,
    if you use ES bulbs for short times, it wont be “energy saving” as such.

    Its best to use these bulbs where the light is needed for long periods of time.

    And frequent “On” and “Off” can reduce lifespan of ES bulb.

    This is what i noticed.

  3. Yes, its true that CEB will sell ES bulbs at discounted price. That should help in cutting electricity cost.

    Frankly, i’d like to equip my house with solar panels and a wind turbine. Thus i get enough electricity for my own use, the excess electricity i’d put it back in the CEB network and earn some money. If government help by providing loans for such stuff, i’d take my chance.

    Lets hope that one day this becomes reality.

  4. And solar cells too…i forgot to mention.

    In fact, solar cells are the ones that convert sun rays to electricity.
    Solar panels are used for heating…used in solar water heater.

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