Mauritius at the African Athletics Championships

The championships are over and our “bilan” is two silver medals – not bad for a small country with 1.2 million people.

Congratulations to Stephan Buckland (silver medal – 200m race) and Jonathan Chimier (silver medal – long jump) and to the whole Mauritian team. We’ll do better next time in Osaka :).

Sportsmen in Mauritius
I don’t think that our athletes get the respect they deserve here. They are representing Mauritius on the International scene and yet they get a meagre financial allowance each month. Even worse, when they are injured and can’t participate in tournaments, their already meagre allowance is reduced – the logic is: you are not running, so u won’t get paid! What the crap? If tomorrow the Minister of Youth and sports is ill, is his salary cut?

Also, our sportsmen are among the few people who have a page on Wikipedia and yet, it’s nearly empty. It’s time someone (I unfortunately can’t do it since I don’t know enough about these guys), for example at the Ministry of Sports and Youth, fills up their page!

5 responses to “Mauritius at the African Athletics Championships

  1. its always a pleasure watching em on tv and having that excitement that .. “mauritius will kick ass tonight”!

    As far as wikipedia :p you could for a start write a bit, then someone else will correct if there’s a mistake .. then someone else will etc.. etc.. etc.. :p Maybe i’ll write it up first :p

  2. The fact is that Buckland shines in Africa but not elsewhere now. His performances are stuttering and I’ll think he’ll call it a day by 2010.

  3. Hi there,
    It seems that, finally, there’s a lot of interest for Mauritian Athletics, most particularly cocnerning Stéphan Buckland and Jonathan Chimier.
    Therefore I will recommend you to visit a website devoted to athletics and its local heroes.
    And if you want to learn more about Stéphan Buckland, you can visit his website at and also you can read a complete bio of Stephan Buckland at

    Kind regards,
    webmaster (
    “Proudly African, excitedly Mauritian”

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