Kubuntu: the next LTS & reverting to 3.*

As I’ve said before, one of the reasons I’m using Linux is because of it’s increadible stability and laziness on my part (can’t be bothered to fight spyware, virusses, updates from Microsoft that break your system,…) and unfortunately Kunbuntu 8.04 with KDE 4 is not giving me that stability!

The “worrying part” about that is I’m not getting any information about when is the next Kubuntu LTS coming out – LTS versions gaurantees stability and Long Term Support. KDE 4.0 is certainly not stable but will KDE 4.1 provide enough stability to be an LTS? I’m starting to wonder … Moreover, I don’t see Canonical using KDE 3.* as the next LTS since it will have to be supported for years and KDE 3.* might not be receiving much support then!

– – –

On my laptop, I’m still using Dapper Drake and God it’s stable! However, after using that for so long, I wouldn’t mind a change. In the next few days I’ll be investigating Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 3 on my desktop – I’m getting rid of KDE 4 – oufffff!!! If it’s good I’m moving over on my laptop as well.


6 responses to “Kubuntu: the next LTS & reverting to 3.*

  1. It would be nice if you could try fedora 9 on your desktop. The dvd offers an incredible number of packages, and it also includes Kde and Gnome.

    Off course, try it if possible and if you have time.

  2. huh, i using Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 4,0 and yes, it´s a challenge to get things working on my notebook… It wont hibernate, will crash for I dunno what reasons, accentuated characters like French accents are still a myth for me, Firefox 3 beta 5: aie, sound controls on the keyboard don work, etc
    But as with all new things, when weŕe the first to use them, we encounter unforeseen problems that are be likely to be addressed in future versions. And hoping for the best. For the time-being, the only solutions I may imagine of are to Google and look for solutions 😛

  3. Me too i heve been using Kubuntu 8.04 KDE4… and that was damn buggy… it was not even as easy as the KDE3.5.9 to change the theme of the plasma desktop… I struggled quite a lot and tonite i will be installing the KDE 3.5.9 version and use it for some time… after that will install ubuntu 8.04 for a change and install the kde-desktop over it so that i can get the experience of both Gnome and KDE… 😀

  4. I installed Fedora 9. It does not recognize my sata drive. How come some linux distros still can’t recognize sata drives while xp, a six years old OS, can?

    I had fedora installed on an ide disk. However I could not find the load of packages it’s supposed to come with. Where are they hidden? Are these command line applications?

    BTW Grub, when installed on my sata hard disk or when trying to load a distro installed on the sata disk from the ide disk, often return error messages and is unable to launch the linux distro. It may succeed if I reboot my PC. I’m using an a8v-mx mobo

  5. I won’t even bother migrating over to Hardy Heron, after seeing all the ranting proliferating on the Internet! :s

  6. Hi there guys,

    I’ve been working in IT for 3years now,used to be a linux fan, worked as a Linux VoIP engineer for 1 year, had linux training, have experience programming (C++) on Linux, configuring linux based PBX & apache/postgre postfix servers etc.. debian,fedora, red hat, kubuntu & DSL

    Linux is being constantly updated by different ppl around the world but are these developers actually the best? I’ve been to several Microsoft and linux conferences around Australia and from what I witnessed from the two worlds, Microsoft has a more professional approach & actually pays the best in the business to do their software!!

    Sure linux developers know what they are doing but do lone geniuses stand a chance against experience and organised team work? My personal opinion is categorically NO. I believe Microsoft and Windows will always have the edge on Linux.

    BTW Pascal I was in your VRML class 3 years ago!! U have a nice website with interesting topics and it’s awesome to see that you’re still the big manga fan you used to be!!

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