Brain wanted (especially for drivers)!

Do you need a brain to be a driver? I’m starting to think that no you don’t. Proof:

  1. Fog lights – After 6 p.m. drivers turn their fog lights on but do we have fog in Mauritius? Apart from our occasional flooding, I don’t see anything!!! So I guess they either want to blind you or they are bloody stupid or these poor guys are visually impaired. Pity!
  2. Horning – Last Tuesday I was driving to go lunch and I was stuck behind a car which was itself stuck in traffic. However, behind me, another car was horning. So what were we supposed to do? My car is neither Knight Rider nor the car of Inspector Gadget and unfortunately I can’t fly over traffic. To teach the guy a lesson, I drove a 5 Km/h after the traffic had cleared but then he didn’t horn! Pity!
  3. A guy was in his car in the middle of the road and couldn’t bother to get into a car park! Parking in the middle of the road is so much nicer. I horned him and he stepped out to see me. “Move man!” I said. He stepped back in and followed by advice (most likely his brain couldn’t come to that conclusion alone) too get in the car park and out of the way. A brain please!
  4. Flasher. What the hell is this device? I guess it’s a useless accessory found in car these days. You want to turn: just turn. Signalling your intention is a waste of energy. Imagine the amount of calories required to trigger that flaser switch!

Father in heaven, oh hear my prayer and give drivers a brain.


4 responses to “Brain wanted (especially for drivers)!

  1. haha… its not only on the roads, basically its practically everywhere.. People at least what i observed actually doesn’t care about others.. whether they are parked wrongly.. many time you might have notice some stupid guy parking in such a way that he takes 2 parking slots..

    anyway just try to stay cool while driving..

  2. Well drivers do need brain. But the fact is that, in mauritius, there does not exist a culture to drive correctly. What i mean regards mainly to the example you have given. To give an example, last wednesday itself, i was in a T_S bus(at around 6pm) and it seems that the driver was either in a hurry to go home or just careless. You imagine a bus’ speed to around 70-80(i guess that)..pheew. On top of that, the way he applies the brakes, people may get injured. Pity for all those drivers. Anw, if i am not wrong, that point system(whereby a driver loses some point upon careless driving) has been introduced. I think its a good decision, especially for all those careless or stupid drivers. Hope for the best

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