I want one of these (XO-2 laptop)

The original OLPC laptop is great; it’s a small device that’s very robust but the XO-2 laptop is another story: it’s awesome!!! I saw that today and my immediate reaction was “I want one”. It’s supposed to cost $75 but I don’t mind participating in the programme buy two and donate one to a child in a developping country.

As you can see, there’s no keyboard, just a screen and it’s going to be a touch screen! It’s small I agree but imagine the possibilities; you want to read a book, it becomes a book. You want to use it as a computer, a keyboard appears and it becomes a laptop!

Mauritius is currently not part of the project and I think we really need to push forward the idea. We might not have the critical mass required here but we could certainly participate with India or Madagascar or some other African country.


4 responses to “I want one of these (XO-2 laptop)

  1. Simply WOW…. that’s a great device… 🙂 A multipurpose tool good for a student… becomes a book, then a laptop… cooool… 😉 Small and powerful… btw, wat’s its processing power? 😀

  2. Just what the world needs: a laptop with a membrane keyboard!!!! We will use this to teach kids how to use computers, albeit in the most inefficient manner. I’ll bet Zetwal doesn’t touch type!!!.
    If he did, he wouldn’t be so crazy about the XO2.
    Stupid, stupid, stupic.

  3. Well wrongggggg!!!! If you had a desktop with only about 5 keys still visible on the keyboard u’d touch type!

    Anyway have u considered the HCI of a “membrane” keyboard? Of course, you won’t get any touch feedback or sound feedback when you type. However, it’s for kids and u don’t want they remove a key or drink juice and spilling it onto your keyboard.

    As for me, I want one coz it looks great 🙂

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