Installing Kubuntu 8.04 from a usb pen drive – the easy way!

For some time now Begum, Anwar and I have been trying to install Kubuntu 8.04 (a smart and sexy OS) on a laptop where the CD-ROM is not working. We’ve tried many things like booting from a usb CD – did not work, from a usb floppy with Smart Boot Manager and then the usb CD – did not work and then directly from a bootable usb pen drive which seemed to be the right way. However, making the pen drive bootable is harder than it seems since despite following many detailed instructions, we each time failed to get it working.

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The easy way out
I finally found the solution on this website which provides alternative solutions to installing Linux. In sum these are the steps:

  • Make sure you have:
    • the Kubuntu 8.04 desktop CD
    • a pendrive of a reasonable size; e.g. 2GB
    • a PC with linux (the steps below are on Kubuntu 8.04; another PC which has it installed of course)
  • In Adept Manager, choose Adept -> Manage Repositories -> Third-party Software (tab) and add deb hardy main as a new repository
    • on clicking close, this will reload adept and install liveusb
  • Now insert a pendrive and the Kubuntu Desktop CD in the PC and launch liveusb
    • this smart software will detect you prendrive and the CD
  • Just click execute (I did not tick “Download and Integrate Adobe Flash Player”). It will take some 5 mins and your pendrive will be ready for install
  • Insert it into the PC where you want to install Kubuntu. The Desktop version will boot and you can then install. Works like a charm.

Note: I’ve not tried it with Kubuntu Alternate

The homepage of the software is:


4 responses to “Installing Kubuntu 8.04 from a usb pen drive – the easy way!

  1. thanks for the hint! … exactly what I was looking for.

    By the way, for the way I think it does work, maybe this program works with any kind of live distro.

  2. here’s a question, is it possible to create the bootable kubuntu pen drive on a windows machine? i have a windows xp laptop and i’d like to install kubuntu on another machine without an optical drive.

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