Mauritius and Proxies

For some time now I’ve been unable to access Wikipedia both at home (using MyT) and at work (I suppose they use ADSL from MT or Orange now).

The solution is to use proxies and a good one is available at:

Proxies seem to be essential in Mauritius to:

  • check whether a site is really down or has been censored (like in the facebook episode)
  • access sites when MyT for some reason doesn’t allow you to.

Good surfing 🙂


5 responses to “Mauritius and Proxies

  1. I am able to access wikipedia directly.
    There are 2 possibilities for that :
    (1) MT has unblocked the site
    (2) I got a new IP when i reset my livebox

    Lets hope wikipedia remains accessible all the time.


  2. I think one day MT will come up with a plan to block such proxies themselves as some ISPs already do!

    FYI, not every website will be up all day long…e.g Gmail was not accessible for some time yesterday.

  3. Actually, I think it was a problem with MyT itself, not with them blocking sites. Well for some reasons, since last week I’m being able to download 10% faster than I could do. Well, I spent one whole week having terrible internet connection…but now everything is smooth again…Maybe they were doing some maintenance or something.

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