From MS-DOS to Mac OS; my journey through Operating Systems

The story of my computing life told in terms of Operating Systems (OS)

The genesis: MS-DOS & Windows 3.1
I started using PCs at the age of 14 in secondary school. At that time, you would boot a computer to get a black screen (and that was MS-DOS). I would then navigate to the Windows forder and then type “win” to start the Windows 3.1 operating system. On the 486 model computers that I was using at that time, Windows 3.1 was slow but it did allow us to use Word and Excel.

Windows 95
In August 1995, Windows 95 was released and this was a major breakthrough; I remember seeing people queing up in front of stores in the US to buy that OS. You would no longer boot to a black DOS screen but you had a nice graphical interface welcoming you. None of the other releases of Windows after that had such an impact – Windows 98 (it crashed when Bill Gates demonstrated it) and Windows ME (the Mistake Edition) were just ehhhhhh … well you know.

My Uni Years
The next interesting release of Windows was Windows 2000 which was built on Windows NT. By that time I was at uni and I was starting to touch Linux – Red Hat and I haaaaaattttttttted it. Everything was just so hard; saving on a diskette, finding a file,… and since then I’ve never liked Red Hat. My undergrad years were mainly Windows 2000 which was dual booting with Red Hat (coz I “unfortunately” needed that at Uni).

In 2003, I went for my MSc and I suddenly stated using a lot more of Linux. There, they had “Monkey Linux” certainly a custom-built distribution of Linux and I started enjoying its speed. At home, I had moved to Windows XP and Mandrake which was just so much better than Red-Hat (same inside but the interface is so much better).

At work
The major change of OS would take place after I got a job at the University of Mauritius. I had Windows on my PC but it was sooooo slow. Avinash, a colleague of mine & the founder of the Linux User Group of Mauritius, urged me to move to Linux and he introduced me to Kubuntu (Breezy Badger at that time) and it was kind of … ok. Dapper Drake which was released a few weeks after my initiation to ubuntu proved much more stable and had everything I wanted. I stayed on Dapper for quite a while and it would dual boot with Windows Media Centre on my laptop (which was used only for playing games and doing graphics jobs).

I’ve now moved on to Mac OS X; why? Coz it’s the best looking OS I’ve seen! Of course it rarely crashes and it’s easy to use (it boots in 30 secs and shutdowns in 5 seconds) but Mac are just beautiful and of course you can do whatever you want, same as linux or windows.

In fact, I’ve realized that what I’d want Linux to become. I want Linux to be Mac OS X.

– – – – – –

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7 responses to “From MS-DOS to Mac OS; my journey through Operating Systems

  1. Hi!

    The story sound interesting and I think is the usual tendency among most of us. I myself stated using Windows, then moved to Linux (Ubuntu) and now I´m also looking forward to using a Mac in the years to come.

    Even Avinash did it 🙂

    That´s because:
    1) When we buy our first computers, we wanna have something easy ot use, and that above all plays all games that are released.
    2) Then we´re fed up and want to know more about computers. So we find a Linux distro. And touch the ´bare wire´.
    3) Then why a Mac? Personally for me, if I go for it, it´s because it has very good multimedia handling capabilities.

  2. Gosh! I was going to blog abt the mac/linux/windows topic a few days later, nevermind….

    I am thinking to try mac too, but now i have to read a bit to know where n what to download….

    btw, u dont really need to switch to windows to do ur graphics job…. There are lots of opensource software available on linux, but i would say that they are not so ‘user-friendly’ and nice in UI than some graphics packages in windows….

    Keep it up!

  3. Suffice to say that is just feels good to be using a Mac, something which I can’t claim when I am using Windows. As for Linux, well I haven’t used it recently, but from what I can see progress is being made in terms of making Linux more Mac like.


  4. Aha! So I’ve managed to convince you twice (i) to give Linux a chance again and (ii) to buy a MacBook.

    I only have to convince you to get married before you get too old and my mission will be over 🙂

  5. :p also started with the dos at school [used to like it since it looked mysterious, had mario and i always wonderred if there are cheat commands to display anything fun fom that black screen + the old keyboards used to make a nice sound when you hit on the keys.]

    OSX pas sa extra la, sure its nice looking and sexy, mais i don’t see the whole “i love mac” thingy though compared to other paid OS out there, osx really does give you what you paid for.. pa gagne okenn regret!

    a macbook is not sexy at all! :p the imac is :p

    about the graphis stuffs, am not really into graphics, but lately i have started drawing a few stuffs and adding some effects etc.. before i was mostly used with photoshop, but after using the gimp a few times, am really at ease now :D.. ofcourse mo pa dans bann trik graphics moi, alor my opinion on that doesn’t makes much a difference :p

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