Deaf but not dumb – Society for the welfare of the Deaf

Today I attended an event held at the Society for Welfare of the Deaf (SWD) in Beau-Bassin for the 40th anniversary of that organization.

A nice presentation of the society by Mr Vinesh Hookoomsing recounted the story of the SWD which I gather was officially launched in 1968. They’ve gone a long way since with the help of many dedicated people – Mr B Jomadar (OBE) (chairman from 1966-1981 & 1993-1995), Mr Guy Marot (chairman 1982-1992) and currently Miss Noorjehan Joonas (1996 – to date). They offer a number of facilities like equipment for those with hearing problems, diagnosis and are also heavily involved in educating young Mauritians with hearing disabilities. In this regard, they have introduced the Mauritian Sign Language (MSL) a few years ago though “Mr Alain Gebert, Teacher for the Deaf at the INJS, Paris and Dr Dany Adone, professor of Linguistics at the University of Dusseldorf, Germany, the principal investigators of the project”  –

The MSL is something in which I’m quite interested for a number of reasons:

  • it’s something Mauritian – we have few innovations in Mauritius
  • it posses many technological challenges
    • recognizing the signs and gestures
    • creating the different MSL gestures from French, English or creole

I wish them a very happy birthday and many happy returns. Well done guys!


One response to “Deaf but not dumb – Society for the welfare of the Deaf

  1. Hi
    Happy to read about the organization. I am associated with a similar organization in India – Noida Deaf Society. You might like to check out Its a relatively new organiztion — just 5 years old. Focus is on employability of deaf youth. They use Indian Sign Language.

    Take care

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