IE7 vs Firefox 3: 3 simple reasons why Firefox is better

I’ve seen lengthy discussions on the web why we should go for firefox but I think it can be summarized in 3 points:

1. Firefox is faster
Firefox starts faster and it seems (to me) that pages load faster as well  

2. There are loads (loads loads loads) of add-ons available for a variety of features
Firefox allows developers to create plugins that work with its browser. You have add-ons to manage download, to download all pdf on a page, to create shared bookmarks,…. – you’ll find what you want and if you don’t have it, code it.

3. The Looks
Loads of themes are available and you can even make firefox look like IE. Also I don’t know why IE has hidden the top toolbar: File Edit … Help. It’s just an HCI hell.


If you are still unconvinced; The others (that I like)

  1. It blocks popups efficiently
  2. It allows you to save passwords after you have entered the right one (this especially helps when you have 20 accounts and need 2 – 3 attempts to remember the correct one for a site )

7 responses to “IE7 vs Firefox 3: 3 simple reasons why Firefox is better

  1. Also with firefox you have the ability to secure yourself through plugins which you can download and configure within firefox itself.


  2. Hey Blueberry, use the IE Tab add-on for Firefox if you still love IE. Then you will never care to use IE again.

  3. I thought my computer was dying. I tried shutting down services, running ccleaner every week, the usual hard drive optimization,etc, but browsing just got slower and slower – it was driving me nuts. Yesterday I finally installed FF3. WTF? It’s a pleasure to be back online again. FF3 rocks. I can’t believe MS could put out such a piece of crap. Wait, yes I can, they’re the company that gave birth to Vista. I continue to think Bill Gates is a lucky fraud. And if he says ‘innovation’ one more time, I’d like to strangle him. He does do good things with his $$ though, so it’s not all bad.

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