Virtualization with Parallels

Given that I would sometimes need to run Windows on Mac, I very quickly decided that I’ll install Windows XP through boot camp. It seemed like a good idea until I had to restart my mac to run windows just coz I needed to run a small application for 10 mins. Despite having only 1GB of RAM, I soon decided that I had to use virtualization!

Which one to use?
A  quick analysis revealed the winner; it was to be Parallels. This seems to be the default solution on Mac for Windows.

Parallels is easy to install and within an hour I had parallel and Windows XP running (it takes some time to install XP)

As I had suspected, Virtualization with only 1GB of RAM is not great. When Windows is running, Mac OS X tends to slow down but Windows runs fine and it’s best to just use Windows completely then. I guess I need to upgrade my RAM for some decent performance.

However, given that I’m too lazy to reboot just for some small apps, I’m going to stick to Parallels for some time now. Yet I don’t see myself playing games.


8 responses to “Virtualization with Parallels

  1. Have you tied VMWare Fusion? I am currently using the Beta of Fusion and it works like a charm. In Fusion you also have the option of giving OS X priority so it doesn’t slow down, and running in Unity mode [where you run Windows apps as if they are native OS X apps] is superb and again doesn’t slow down the machine in any way shape or form.

    If you haven’t put money down for Paralells, you should definitely give Fusion a try.


  2. I suggest you try VirtualBox. It’s free and boasts native performance. You can set the amount of memory you want to allocate to each virtual machine. Does not seem to slow down my machine. Works fine for me.

  3. Hi Sir,

    See if you can get QEMU/KVM for Mac OS X.
    I Use it in ubuntu and its really fast with windows xp.
    I have 1gb ram and i am currently sharing 256mb with my windows xp with no problems of performance whatsoever.
    KVM is the special version of QEMU where it uses the facilities provided with intel’s virtualisation completely. Its really good. Am currently running maya on it.

    OK c ya, Bye


  4. Hmm … many things to try next.

    I think I’m going to have a closer look at VMWare Fusion; reviews on the web can’t seem to decide whether it’s better than Parallels or not.

    I’ll then hopefully consider the others in turn … unless I get bored of course 😉

  5. In case you find yourself in the obligation to upgrade the 1 GB ram already found on your machine, i would suggest the following :
    (1) Find out whether there is 1 or 2 barrets
    (2) Which technology…i guess it must be DDR2
    (3) At what speed the actual Memory modules operate
    (4) Whether you want a Dual-Channel or Single Channel memory setup.

    Then decide for the “upgrade”. Though DDR2 Memory Modules are quite cheap nowadays, it will be a plus if all modules work at same speed since performance is “stable”.

    Anyway, hope this helps.

  6. might sound like a stupid suggestion for you geeks 😛

    but do you actually have any use for Mac OS?? y not simply move to windows.. i think many computer guys find it to be a shame to use windows, i don’t understand y 🙂

  7. Well the reason why I’m personally fed up with Windows is that, compared to Linux or Mac OS, it takes very long to boot. Then comes all the spyware and virus trash that you get from the web and finally Windows rots! I’ve had windows on a laptop for two years and now is the time to redo a clean install. Why does that happen? I just don’t know!!!

    Anyway when you’ve got used to being lazy with Linux or Mac OS you really don’t want to go back; unless when you are forced to use some software that’s available only on Windows.

    I’d like to point out that many people think I use Linux or Mac OS (now) just to be different. I’m sorry to disappoint these people but I just can’t be bother to be different; I just use what makes my life simple and for now that happens to be Linux and Mac OS.

  8. i tried VMWARE on ubuntu ultimate.. meaning i was running ubuntu as main OS, and windows XP as the “guest” os.. it worked fine.. not apparent decrease in performance. on top of that i had ubuntu Compiz fusion with all the “cool” effects enabled.. with my multiple desktops… i could switch from ubuntu to windows just by rotating my desktop cube… thats was too cool…. i install photoshop and illustrator… im a kinda webdesigner….

    then one fine day… i just ekzited VMware using FORECE QUIT… lol…. hmmm i should have shut down XP first…. next time i tried to boot xp in ubuntu… BLUE SCREEN. i guess i’l have to forma te virtual workstation and reinstall windows again…

    on good thing is that… THAT A PERFECTLY SAFE METHOD TO try out new softwares… or even new OS..

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