MBC News … really … what a shame!!!

I don’t know if you’ve watch the 7:30 news recently. If you haven’t make a point do watch it at least once. I have never seen such biased coverage and propaganda: it’s terribly one sided with shots carefully planned to praise the government, especially when they are slinging mud at the opposition.

If anything bad happens to the government, not a word is said. Unless I’m mistaken, not a word was said (at least in the 7:00 p.m. news) that our Attorney General had submitted his resignation letter. If that’s not news, what is? Surely that the leader of the opposition will table a paper that he did not is!!!

Shame on you MBC really.


7 responses to “MBC News … really … what a shame!!!

  1. If there wasn’t for TNT1 (BBC world news) and TNT3 (France24), I would have alienated myself completely from the television.

    I deprecated and rebuked the mbc broadcasting team several times via email, and they seem to be passive about the population, judging from their unconcerned reply.

    Besides, did they say something about the customs director? Especially the Rs 8 millions of requital money awarded to him on his departure for causes of fraud?

    I wonder how things would change if the government awarded that Rs 8 millions to the University of Mauritius, to purchase New Scientist, Newsweek, Scientific American, and Engineering/Medical/Law magazines for the 15 000 + students who would be leaders of tomorrow.

  2. Hi!

    MBC’s contents are regulated by so-called MBC Act and since the last government this Act is being revised. But alas the new one has never been presented to the Assembly. I guess because none wants to have less air-time on prime time!

    The current state of affairs “force” the MBC to be pro-governmental at whatever cost. Mix that with unscrupulous politicians who rule the country as their kingdom, and where if you want to please your hierarchy, who are themselves political figures of the government of the day, to get promoted, you have to be pro-governmental.

    That’s not a good thing in a democracy. It’s like the television of the totalitarian regime.

  3. “That’s not a good thing in a democracy.”

    I find this sentence odd. Can anyone define what ‘Mauritian democracy’ is and relate it to how our national TV news coverage should look like? I also watch Fox News from time to time and I would like to add that the US too is a totalitarian country. No big difference from what I see on MBC TV also.

  4. Well, I often get people wondering what does this or that term mean. To these people, I have great news for them: as easy as it is to access my blog, it’s even easier to access online dictionaries and encyclopedias and lots of them are free. Use them to quench your thirst of knowledge coz ignorance is not bliss!

    So anyone interested in knowing the definition of democracy should better look up in a dictionary or encyclopedia instead of trying to appear smart here!!!

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