Historic Day for Mauritius: Our first Olympic Medal. Thank you Bruno Julie

Bruno Julie, nicknamed the Mauritan Magician by the commentators has today secured the first Olympic medal for the country. Today, he has beaten MANZANILLA RANGEL Hector and secured a place in the semifinals. Since in Boxing we have 2 bronze medals, Bruno Julie will at least get a bronze medal which is historic; never before has a Mauritian won any medal in the Olympic Games.

Round 1: 3:2    (3:2)
Round 2: 2:4    (5:6)
Round 3: 5:3  (10:9)
Round 4: 3:0  (13:9)

Next step: Friday 22 August @ 15:30 for the semifinals.

Well done, Bruno. Well done our Mauritian Magician.


28 responses to “Historic Day for Mauritius: Our first Olympic Medal. Thank you Bruno Julie

  1. From the start, I said our best chances are in Boxing! And now, for the first time we feature in the country ranking at the Olympics thanks to him! I’m sooooooooooo happy!

    BUT, as there is always a but… I hate the attitude of some people… things like “houn, tou sa tapaz la? ti croire ine gagne medaille l’or” or similar things… pffft… F*cking retarded mentality!

    Anyways, I hope he could go on and grab the gold medal… in any case, whatever happens, he is a hero… our hero… our mauritian hero!


  2. So proud to be Mauritian…Thank You for all the magical moments…Bruno Julie…You did it and we all wish you loads of success for the semis and why not hit it hard in the semi and final

  3. Well we must not also forget about Stefan Buckland who did very well. He came out 5th but his time is among the fastest. Hope he does well in the semis.

  4. ¥@$# 100% agree with you… He s an Hero, our little island is becoming well known thanks to him..:) People who says “houn, tou sa tapaz la? ti croire ine gagne medaille l’or” , b c bane TI L ESPRIT!!!

    Moi mo dire chak moricien contribuer 5 r pu li lor ene compte, imagine combien sa pu fer et ki kaliter motivation li pu gagner kan li pu conner tou morice derrier li..:)

    Aller morice.. aller Bruno…Mete tou pu tou dan semi la… arrive ceki arrive, Morice ena ene medaille Olympique en poche de toute facon.. Wohoooo..:)

  5. zordi tou morisien dre c grace a bruno…le magicien,,
    nou tou pou priyer pou toi…nou tou avek toi…
    aler moris..aler Bruno…


  6. I think every Mauritian around the world is so proud today including me (Canada). We are so proud not only of Bruno, but of all the other athletes as well. To be an Olympic participant is by itself a huge success. Each athlete has to earn his/her qualification go to go an Olympic, and this is not an easy task.

  7. Hi, I think that the Rs 200 000 that the government will give him if Bruno stat on the bronze medai.. is not enough .

  8. un gran bravo a bruno julie et un garan merci au bodyguard security de HAREL PHILIPPE ki na pa hesite a donner un coup de pouce a ce champion

  9. Grand grand bravo Bruno. I have been following all the athletes from Mauritius in this year’s games. And boy do i feel proud today:) Watching Bruno throwing those punches with a pinch of the sega rhythm in his style made me one of the proudest man on this planet.
    I just hope that those tight arse bastard politician start to invest properly in the Mauritian sports. It is hard breaking to watch Jamaica and other islands produce world class athletes while we rest on our laurels.

    Allez Maurice!

  10. hey mo oussi mo nom fami JULIE… LOL

    Nou fier bruno prémiéman pki li n zenfan PLAISANCE et normalment nou éna n mové répitation dan moris.

    B a li tousel line réssi sov lhonneur nou lendroit ek nou pays. Line faire tout morisien vibrer. et mo penser li extra mérite c ki p arive li zordi la pki c tte une vie de sacrifice, d’entrainement, de perseverens et de volonté.

    Prémié médaille olympik pr lile moris sa faire larme couler.

    AR NOU NON!!!!!!!!!

  11. bravo bruno!!! to ene top, tone resli montre ki ene mauricien kapave manze are li dan et gagne medaille pour zozo olympic!!! lol
    zozo olypic di dizef olypic, di dizef d’or, donc medaille d’or,, mo ena tou confiance dan toi man!!! aller maurice, aller bruno!!!

  12. Congratulations to Bruno Julie. What a moment it was. This is the first time mauritius will be winning an olympic medal and I’m sure this just is the begining and gradually others will follow. I’m so proud that a boy from a region (Plaisance0 known mainly for its problem (drugs, alcohol) has brought the country so much honnour. It is also a sign that those who do not perform well in academic studies may lead a decent through sports.

    Allez Bruno.

  13. Congrats to the Magician; it was just so emotional to watch a Mauritian for once winning a medal at the Olympics. I have been watching the games with friends from from all over the world and their athletes have been winning countless medals.

    It was just so fantastic when he won the match to progress to the semis. It was a wonderful feeling. Go on, you can win the Gold, we are all with you, wherever we are in the world; we will be watching today.

    Aller le magicien!

  14. Bronze for Bruno Julie 😦 He was perceived as the “cinderella of beijing” *aww*
    The judges suck! They should have deducted the points off the rival.
    Bruno wins gold in our hearts. He’s a true hero.
    Viva Bruno.

  15. Super Bruno!!! He did mega well and also he achieved something historical for Mauritius!!!

    I believe Mauritian authorities must boost up his efforts financially and by giving him proper environment. Boxing is a sport which was quite ‘ignored’.

    Slowly and surely… He did the thing that’s making each and everyone proud… and even made us dream of a silver or even gold medal today!!!

    Bruno, wishing you more and more success ahead!!!

    And congratulations for Stephan Buckland also which made us proud all the time and we agree he did his level best!

    Leaving you all here, with the slogan of ‘Pad Co’… ZOLI TRAVAY!!!

  16. Really Really proud to be Mauritian! Thank you Bruno and well done. The efforts has at last paid off and hats off to you red head 😉 Keep all the good job up. You’re our Mauritian Tiger!

    Nu Moris Nu fierté!

  17. Simply great.more than words can say.Bruno has simply been great.Whatever happens he has written history and he should be given due respects for this historical success.Keep it up man.

  18. I sincerely believe that Bruno Julie has to be rewarded according to his merits.Now the World knows that Mauritius really exists. The government does not have to wait for sponsors. He should be given a house, a job in the government with a good salary as the same level as an ambassador and guarantee for the well-being of his family. It will be a shame for the country if tomorrow the World happen to know that our politicians are more considered than our sportsmen.

  19. Bravo Bruno !!!

    Au nom tou banne Mauriciens qui à Montréal nous tenir a félicite toi. Malgrès nous loin nous fine vibrer quand mous fine gagne nouvelles to fine ammene nous premier médaille olympique. Good work, keep it up. You r our tiger


  20. Congrats to Bruno Julien! I was very pleased when I learned of his medal, Mauritius’ first ever Olympic medal. I am sure Mauritians around the world are celebrating, including us here in Ottawa, Canada.


  21. Born in Mauritius I grew up in England. For years wondered about relatives in Mauritius – thought I had none. Spent hours searching ancestry. This year managed to trace some and found I still had cousins living in Mauritius. Every Olympic I watch the opening ceremony and look out for any Mauritians taking part out of interest. This year, during the Opening Ceremony, I was distracted a couple of times by telephone calls and did not see (or perhaps the Mauritian Flag was not there). I managed to watch mainly swimming events due to other commitments. Now some two months later, upon telling a cousin currently visiting England that I was researching the family tree and I am told we have a member of the family who has won an Olympic Medal this year. Well do you think anybody could tell me what Medal he won and in what? No! One managed to give me the surname but not his first name. Makes you wonder whether he is family or he happens to be family because he has won a “Medal”. Fortunately, I am one of those who needs to know more, so I googled Olympic 2008 and his name and guessed “Bronze Medal” and there he was. Now I also have his first name, what Medal he won and in what! Congratulations to him whether he is related to me or not.

  22. heyy moi mo dir ki bruno extra cool et mo dir ki li pou regagner 2012 so olympic game mo souhaite toi bone chance BRUNO

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