Thank you Bruno Julie

The Beijing 2008 olympics is over and is has been marked by several notable events like Usain Bolt breaking the 100m and 200m record and Micheal Phelps record 8 gold medals in one olympics. However, for Mauritius, it will always be remembered as the Olympics where we won our first medal. Chapeau bas Mr Bruno Julie, Chapeau bas our Mauritian Magician.

Semifinal – LEON ALARCON Yankiel (Cuba) -lost 7:5

Quarterfinal – MANZANILLA RANGEL Hector (Venezuela) – Won 13:9

Round 16 – TOJIBAEV Hoorshid (Uzbekistan) – Won 16:4

Round 32 – NKETU Emanuel Thabiso (Lesotho) – Won 17:8

Amidst all this celebration, we must not forget Mr Jean Claude Nagloo who has been behind so many boxing champions in Mauritius – Richard Sunee, Giovanni Frontin, Riaz Durgahed and now Bruno Julie. While these athletes have sacrifised themselves, that guy has done a huge job as well and result wise, no one can argue that he is currently the best coach in Mauritius.

The only dark spot in all this celebration is the defeat in the semis which many Mauritians, including myself, find hard to accept. If Bruno Julie was beaten by a stronger opponent, we’ll have said: Well he did his best but that guy was strong. But we can’t even say that!!! Bruno put some hits which seemed valid but were not counted and what about that body shot! We can’t even say that Bruno lost to a better opponent!!! 😦


5 responses to “Thank you Bruno Julie

  1. Yeah, good that Bruno won at least bronze but I think he would have enjoyed a good drubbing from the eventual gold-medal winner in the final!

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