Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the Chrome

After “Browser Wars Episode I: The phantom menace” which saw Microsoft IE defeat Netscape Navigator in epic fashion, we are being served with the second installment, “Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Chrome”.

Indeed, Google’s unexpected release of Chrome is causing massive ripples in the browser world:

  • Is chrome really faster that firefox – I think I’ve already seen at least 5 benchmark tests in 2 days discussing in terms of milliseconds (this is really crazy) which of the three (IE, Firefox or Chrome) is fastest?
  • What of the partnership between Google and Mozilla?
  • Google surprise release of a browser and its daring advertising campaign: releasing a comic book to market Chrome!
  • Chome’s marvelous technical innovations. All geeks are frying in excitement about the browser being completely open source and numerous technical innovations: each tab existing as a separate process (crash control), instant bookmarking, …

Living in Mauritius, a faster browser would definitly help since our Internet connection is so poor. However, will a difference of a few milliseconds make a big difference when pages often take ten of seconds to load remains to be seen.

Anyway as Yoda would say: Be waiting for chrome’s release on mac or linux to give it a decent try, I will. 🙂

3 responses to “Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the Chrome

  1. hahah …. cool one …. i liked the title …

    I’ve blogged about the same …

    I think it should be looked at as a OS wrapper which will eventually reduce the user to do everything in browser rather than switching back to OS …

    there is no other way by which Google will keep fighting with microsoft’s IE8 threat (InPrivate Blocking)

    But first look is good from Chrome apart from few hick-ups

  2. I just fear that the browser market will become very much like the Linux world, where everyone thinks that Ubuntu = Linux and vice versa! So, will Chrome = internet and vice versa?

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