OS Statistics … any stats for Mauritius

Checking the latest OS statistics from http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp, I’m happy to notice that Linux and Mac have been gaining a decent foothold in the OS market with Linux and Mac together making about 9%

2008 WinXP W2000 Win98 Vista W2003 Linux Mac
August 73.9% 2.4% 0.2% 12.5% 1.9% 3.9% 4.9%
2007 WinXP W2000 Win98 Vista W2003 Linux Mac
November 73.8% 5.1% 1.0% 6.3% 2.0% 3.3% 3.9%
2006 WinXP W2000 Win98 WinNT W2003 Linux Mac
November 74.9% 8.0% 1.0% 0.3% 1.9% 3.5% 3.6%
2005 WinXP W2000 Win98 WinNT W2003 Linux Mac
November 71.0% 14.6% 2.7% 0.4% 1.7% 3.3% 3.3%
2004 WinXP W2000 Win98 WinNT Win95 Linux Mac
November 59.1% 23.7% 5.6% 1.2% 0.1% 3.1% 2.7%

But what about Mauritius?

I wonder whether the NCB is holding any stats and if not, it would be interesting to gather these; I don’t expect windows to be below 95% but real stats would help. We are a third world country without too much money and as such we should try to encourage people to use free software since it is simply not ok to just pirate (in other words steal) what you need and don’t have.

I’ve stopped being a Linux advocate for some time now, not because I use a Mac now but simply because I think that not everyone is ok to use Linux – in other words, I no longer have time to troubleshoot basic problems which the users could have solved by googling. But I can’t help snickering when people complain about virusses and can’t help but  say: “told you so!” 🙂


5 responses to “OS Statistics … any stats for Mauritius

  1. Nice to see more people using Vista… although it seems that since the XP share hasn’t changed, it’s more likely due to new computers being bundled with Vista. 🙂

  2. Hello.

    It’s true that getting to use any Linux distro is a challenge since it means solving an array of problems before getting all drivers working as they should.

    This is part of the experience. Users are somewhat forced to touch the bare metal once in a while.

    Then we say once the problem of solving the OS issues is over, let’s get down to real work – what we should be doing.

    Many of us buy cars and expect them to work. If we get into trouble, it’s good to have some basic knowledge mechanics. But then, if things get complicated, we just go to the mechanic, who’ll handle it all.

    That’s true for the computer industry also. And it’s good news that Linux distros are becoming more and more user-friendly, easy to install and use, with simple clicks.

  3. To be frank, i have removed all linux OS from my pc and laptop. I dont get time to use Linux and it does take “some” space on the hard disks.

    I mainly use Vista and WinXp.

    Concerning stats on OS usage in Mauritius, i would say it is very limited.

    Most businesses run Windows Xp Pro on their “clients” and Windows Server 2003.

    Some business run SUN/Red Hat.
    Advertising people mostly use MAC.

    “Some” Computer Science students use both windows and linux/unix.

    In other words, 90% of people using computers run Windows and the remaining 10% has a blend of Linux/Mac/Unix.

  4. A brief response to your blog post with this statement:

    ‘Windows isn’t for everyone, but neither is Linux.’ (courtesy Pete Loshin, of Linux Cookbook fame).

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