Is the end of Fossil fuels nigh?

When someone pops up with a way of challenging petrol as our primary source of energy I can’t help but have serious doubts. I don’t challenge the idea from a scientific point of view but rather from an economic one. I’ve not read much about economics but from the little I understand, a cheap source of endless energy would be impossible. Let me explain myself.

The most important thing on earth (and arguably in the whole universe) is energy! With enough energy you can do anything; you don’t have water, pump it from the ocean and desalinate it, no bananas in the North Pole, we’ll build a green house powered by a heater running night and day! The only important thing for these two is energy and once you have that you can do anything.

The term economics come from an Ancient greek word meaning “management of a household”. Management is required when resources are scarce but if energy becomes cheap and readily available, we don’t need to manage anymore; we just need to use! Imagine what this would mean; food and all sort of resources in abundance; no more poor coz anything can be manufactured at practically no cost. Can this be true? Come on, that’ll be heaven on earth, no more hardships,…. or rather a dream


6 responses to “Is the end of Fossil fuels nigh?

  1. Hello.

    That’s a good point! Actually, economically, banana-exporting countries would not be happy and a whole economy in some sense would collapse (sugar canes in Europe means Mauritius will no more export sugar!).

    This implies a global economy collapse with a major world disorder. Imagine rogue countries having all the energy. Then why having the OPEC? Why listening to US at the UN? There would no more be restrictions on rogue countries – oil for food programme…etc.

    That’s why we prefer Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco coming up with greener energy. And not others. So that the world economic order would stay the same.

  2. True but I see new business models revolving around advertising, complementary add-ons, maintenance, direct trade, communication, etc.
    Take solar power for e.g.

    – you can have a cheap solar panel (paid on a monthly basis @ a very cheap price – e.g say €2. but with panels featuring some brand logos – apparently people who read maps off live earth and google earth, can see the logos)

    – buy yourself an extra battery, a battery monitor, a voltmeter, and other addons for your panel

    – regular maintenance is a business + a company can schedule paid maintenance if the solar panel is on a subscription basis

    – selling stored power to people whose batteries have ran out and desperately need power before theirs are recharged. Various trade companies may own grids and soon e-bay like sites will pop in to barter for power.

    – Nortel (company – look for it online) had long offered web access through power lines. If there is a trade of power by individuals, I expect some ISPs to own some power grids.

    The global economy would not collapse IMO. I’m not an economist, but a scientist. I see the rise of small as well as big businesses building up around new tech. which are the requirements of cheap alternative fuel.

  3. economic in the beginning had sense, nowadays it has become like a sort of “invisible rule” by which the whole society “wants” to be enslaved with. Its like building robots to help our daily life, and then get enslaved by mega evil robots [just a way of seeing it].

    you shouldn’t see the change that such a thing would occur, but instead, the progress such a change this could made to the human civilization :p unlimited energy… we could explore more of the universe out there :D, we can learn more about ourselves, we can understand life, well, we can evolve … rather than let life be controlled by a bunch of profiteering gluttons.

  4. Wow! You hit the nail on the head there! I think that’s why we keep hearing about all these amazing breakthroughs in energy sources and then, very quickly, not hearing about them. (I know someone who invented a revolutionarily efficient engine and almost got killed for it.) We’re supposed to keep working or the powers that be think we’ll start fighting. Not just each other, but them.

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