I’ve finally managed to see WALL-E (the latest from Pixar) yesterday and I now understand why it didn’t cometo Mauritius (movies hitting cinemas in Mauritius will probably be one of my upcoming posts).

The story

WALL-E is the story of a small robot who was left on Earth to clean the planet (after years of over pollution) while the human race is away on a space ship. The WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) robots had the task of cleaning the earth but the project failed and they all broke down save one. The latter goes round everyday compacting waste into cubes while he sorts out “interesting” stuff that he keeps for himself. He’s probably been doing that for 700 years when he meets EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) a robot that is looking for evidence that the earth is habitable again. His quiet daily routine changes as he falls in love …



This movie has been positively received by critics worldwide and I’m definitely not going to disagree with them. My favorite Pixar movie is probably Ratatouille (the worst one is, according to me, Cars for its too predictable storyline) but WALL-E is definitely very special and quite daring from Pixar. Silent movies is no longer the norm but had the movie been about talking robots, it would just have been an ordinary science fiction animation. So many movies have shown robots with emotions but they most of them just looked artifical while this one is “nearly” believable.

8 responses to “WALL-E

  1. You won’t believe it, Pascal, but Kyan, Anya, Christina and I watched WALL-E yesterday too 🙂

    We all loved it. We all could relate with WALL-E and EVE (and also M-O.) Why do you say you now understand why it was not shown here? Do you think our moviegoers are not “mature” enough to understand such a film?

  2. We rarely get any “special” movies in Mauritius and very often even movies winning oscars are rarely shown in the cinema.

    Even more, when the Spanish film Festival was shown for free at the University of Mauritius, very few people turned up there. Most Mauritians want to see movies where they don’t have to think and all animation is just for kids.

  3. nice movie indeed, i watched it by accident n loved it :p a friend of mine even said she cried while watching that movie !

  4. Yo watched it in the airplane on way to UK. was well good. the lady robot has very lady like manners:) like she gets all moody!!!! BUT A VERY NICE movie! Loved it!

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